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For Paradise Valley Water Customers: What’s that Unexpected Charge on Your Bill?

Our Paradise Valley water customers may notice an unusual charge on their April, May and June water bills. We understand that you may have questions. First, be assured that this is not an ongoing charge – and here's what it's for.

When the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) issued the decision approving new rates for EPCOR's Arizona customers on February 1, 2022, there were clerical errors in the rates issued for our Paradise Valley customers. As a result, new rates for Paradise Valley customers are going into effect on the April bills, instead of February 1 as for our other customers. Paradise Valley customers will see a “catch-up" charge to account for the amount due that did not appear in February and March. The amount will be spread across three bills – April, May and June – to minimize the impact this may have on your overall payment due.

We know this was unexpected and we apologize for the inconvenience. For customers who request them, we also have payment plans to divide the charge over more than one month. Still have questions? Call us at 1-800-383-0834​ a​​nd we'll be happy to help.