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New Facilities and Infr​​astructure to Support​
Advanced Semiconductor Fabrication Facility in Taylor, Texas

TAYLOR, Texas — July 13, 2023 — EPCOR USA Inc. (EPCOR USA), by and through its affiliates (EPCOR), has been selected to provide industrial water supply and water reclamation services for one of the largest foreign economic development projects in American history: Samsung’s $17 billion advanced semiconductor fabrication facility under construction in Taylor in Williamson County, Texas. 

​The Sandow Water Project (Sandow) will be capable of treating EPCOR-sourced groundwater supply and delivering high-quality purified water. EPCOR’s groundwater will be sourced from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer – one of the largest and most prolific aquifer systems in Texas – in Milam County, Texas.

Located in Taylor, EPCOR will also own and operate the state-of-the-art Blue Sky Water Reclamation Facility (Blue Sky). Blue Sky will receive and purify water from the fabrication facility using the most advanced and proven treatment technologies and processes available in the market.​​​​​

Blue Sky Water Reclamation Facility in Taylor, Texas​

“Taylor is rapidly becoming a global hub for technological advancements with our region’s soon-to-be fabrication facility,” noted Williamson County Commissioner Judge Gravell. “We are excited to usher in this new chapter for Taylor and Williamson County and appreciate the partnership with EPCOR to ensure our precious water needs continue to be met.”​​​​​​​​​​

Sustainability is at the forefront of these new facilities. To reduce the plant's regional water footprint the target is to reclaim or reuse 75% of the process water within the fabrication facility, with the balance purified and returned to the environment to help sustain the natural water cycle and support the local ecosystem.​

“Delivering on the mission-critical role of managing, treating to a very high level of purity, and reliably delivering the water needed is a perfect match with our core expertise,” noted Joe Gysel, President of EPCOR USA. “Protecting water and the environment is fundamental to EPCOR. Our expertise and outstanding track record on water quality, reclamation and sustainability benefits one of the largest, and certainly one of the most important, manufacturing plants ever to be built on U.S. soil.” ​​​

Drawing on the EPCOR group of companies' more than 130 years of expertise in providing high-quality utility services, EPCOR is leading the development, design and construction of the entire water operation necessary to support Central Texas's newest semiconductor fabrication facility. EPCOR will finance, own and operate both water facilities. ​​

“Building on our excellent track record for sustainability and performance for customers and communities and, with an initial equity investment of $300 million USD, EPCOR is committed to being a strong partner with Samsung, Taylor and Central Texas for the long term," said John Elford, President and CEO of EPCOR Utilities Inc. “For more than a century we have protected and carefully managed water resources across North America. We're bringing this commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship to our newest operations in Central Texas."​

The Sandow Water Project in Milam County, Texas​

​“The positive momentum that Samsung has brought to Taylor has been truly remarkable,” said City of Taylor Mayor Brandt Rydell. “As we continue to welcome new faces into our community, we also want to show our support for the industry leaders that are making this all possible. EPCOR’s growth here means new jobs and services to our community and we look forward to our continued partnership.”​​

Additional Comments from Area Leaders

​“As teams work full-speed to deliver a state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication plant, we welcome the new opportunities for our residents in Williamson County to support the project in many new ways. EPCOR's unique role in supporting the water resources for manufacturing will lead to many new jobs in and around Taylor." – Texas House Representative Caroline Harris

“Ensuring a reliable water supply to Central Texas is paramount for the success of the new semiconductor manufacturing facilities. EPCOR has continuously provided this critical resource to surrounding communities over the last several years and we welcome their latest expansion into Williamson County." – Williamson County Commissioner Russ Boles

“EPCOR is a valued member of the Greater Taylor Chamber and we are excited to see their continued growth in the region. We are grateful for their dedication and experience in delivering essential services to Central Texas communities and businesses." – Taylor Chamber of Commerce President Tia Stone​​


EPCOR USA Inc. and its U.S. affiliates are wholly owned subsidiaries of North American utilities leader EPCOR Utilities Inc. and collectively are among the largest private utilities in the Southwest, providing water, wastewater, wholesale water and natural gas service to approximately 800,000 people across 42 communities and 18 counties in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Serving U.S. customers for more than a decade, EPCOR USA employs approximately 550 people and has its central corporate offices in Phoenix, Arizona. EPCOR USA has returned more than 21.8 billion gallons of clean water to the natural water cycle and delivers more than 165.4 billion gallons annually across the United States.

​About EPCOR Utilities Inc.

EPCOR, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, builds, owns and operates electrical, natural gas and water transmission and distribution networks, water and wastewater treatment facilities, sanitary and stormwater systems, and infrastructure in Canada and the United States. The Company also provides electricity, natural gas and water products and services to residential and commercial customers. EPCOR, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta is committed to conducting its business and operations safely and responsibly. Environmental stewardship, public health and community well-being are at the heart of EPCOR's mission to provide clean water and safe, reliable energy. EPCOR is an Alberta Top 75 employer, and is ranked among Corporate Knights' 2022 Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada.    


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