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Eligibility requirements:
Arts & Culture

  • Your organization must be located in Edmonton.
  • Your organization must be a registered not-for-profit organization (or partner with one in the delivery of your submission)
  • Your initiative must take place prior to December 31, 2022.
  • If you received Heart + Soul funding last year, you are eligible to apply again for the same or a different initiative.
  • Preference will be given to organizations that have seen revenue decline or financial hardship as a result of COVID-19.
  • You must submit a separate application for each eligible initiative you would like us to consider. A maximum of one grant will be awarded to each organization.

We welcome proposals that animate private spaces as well as public ones as long as there is a not-for-profit partner. Example: Theatre/concert venue and artist(s) develop a program and work with a business association in the marketing and delivery of the program. 

​Evaluation criteria

All applications will be reviewed for completeness and alignment with the program objectives and core criteria. Applications should meet at least three core criteria. Applications meeting more criteria will rank higher during evaluation.

Elevate community

Will the funds be used to support enhancing community vibrancy through arts, culture and entertainment? For instance, you expect significant community engagement, and a meaningful experience/impact for audience members who participate.

Financial sustainability

Will the funds be used to help keep an organization operating? Will the initiative stimulate revenue generation? For instance, funding will allow an organization to adapt programming or introduce a new offering that produces new revenue.

COVID-19 impact

Will the funds support the COVID-19 related costs of lifting up programming? For instance, costs to address safety measures, COVID-19 requirements and personal protective equipment.

Rebuilding sector jobs

Will the funds help keep people employed or return to work? For example, funding will help support program development and delivery to employ staff through the remainder of 2022.

Locally made

Will the funds be used to assist Edmonton-based artists or content creators in building a new product or programming and getting it to market? For example, funding will enable an organization to assist artists in creating new works, or virtual performances.

Fundraiser effectiveness

If support is for a fundraising initiative, will the fundraiser have a significant impact on the organization's ability to deliver programs and employ artists? For example, how much money does the organization anticipate raising? How does this translate into the support of artists, and the arts sector?

Support others

Will the funds create programming that get funds in the hands of others working in hard hit sectors? For example, funding will enable an organization or association to implement programming that creates income source for audio-visual techs, artists, performers, content creators, etc.

Diverse voices

Will the funds help bring diverse voices to light, by helping to remove barriers, and provide funding to support artistic works by artists who are members of marginalized groups or those disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, such as: women, newcomers, Indigenous people, people of color, LGBTQ2+ people, or people with disabilities, etc?

Giving back

Will the funds create programming that gives back? For example, funding will introduce a program that donates a portion of ticket sales to a charity or asks the public to donate to a cause.                         

Partner leverage

Will the funds support a project that could unlock funding from other partner organizations to amplify impact? For instance, funding will be supplemented or supported by other businesses or organizations.      


Will the funding help attract a large audience or political profile to the program? For instance, you anticipate City or Provincial representation in the program and a significant audience to participate.              

Ready to implement

Will the funds be used to support an initiative that’s ready to launch? For instance, the organization/group has an idea fully developed and ready to launch before the end of December 2022.  

Brand recognition

Does the opportunity provide brand recognition for EPCOR or profile opportunities for EPCOR leadership? For instance, sponsor recognition benefits are available or speaking opportunities exist for EPCOR leaders.