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thank you for being the Heart + Soul of our community

​​​At EPCOR, we are deeply inspired by the communities where we operate. We are proud to call Edmonton our home and believe we have a responsibility to help ensure our city remains strong and vibrant.

Our communities count on us to keep their utilities working. And they count on us to be there during difficult times. We believe in supporting the many organizations and volunteers that are working so tirelessly to offer vital social services, improve our quality of life and foster vibrancy in our communities.

And we believe in nurturing a creative and innovative landscape, where the challenges of today can be overcome through new and innovative ideas.

Applications to the Heart + Soul Fund are now closed.

We're in this together

In 2020, we established the Heart + Soul Fund by EPCOR to support organizations that bring joy to our community, and provide a lifeline to those hardest hit by COVID-19. Since 2020 we've committed $3.5 million in pandemic relief and recovery funding, which is in addition to the more than $1 million we provide in community support every year. Thank you to all the recipients for keeping our community vibrant and healthy.

We are no longer accepting applications to the Heart + Soul Fund. Please visit our website​ for more infomation on the many ways we give back to our community and how to apply for funding.​

We're thankful for our communities. Here are some of the impacts that have been made:

  • More than 150 grants have been provided by the​​ Heart + Soul Fund
  • The charity sector leveraged EPCOR's $814,000 in matching funds to help raise nearly $5.1 million, so they can continue to provide critical services in the areas of: food, shelter, mental health, substance abuse and family violence.
  • Funding for the arts and culture sector helped employ 1,120 artists, and produce 628 new artistic works safely amid pandemic restrictions, bringing joy and entertainment to our community.​​



The important work continues.


The aim of the Heart + Soul Fund is to help our community build resilience and deliver programming that uplifts Edmontonians.

We have built on last year's success, by providing an additional $500,000 in 2022 to support arts, culture, and charitable organizations in addressing the new and growing demands they face, and continuing to do what they​​ do best: bringing the heart and soul to our community.

Two rounds of funding have taken place with applications deadlines on April 26 and June 28. Applications are now closed.

Support for charities

Dedicated non-profit organizations provide a lifeline to those who need help the most. Demand for food and shelter remain high and there's a growing need for mental health, substance abuse and family violence support in our community. ​Fundraising has been a challenge for all.

EPCOR's funding will help charities enhance and reshape their fundraising activities, so they can continue helping people in need.​​

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EPCOR has provided charities

Support for arts and culture

We know that arts and culture contribute to the heart and soul of any community and these sectors have been hard hit during the pandemic.

EPCOR's funding will support arts ​organizations, theatres, festivals, and attractions that are helping to make our everyday lighter and brighter.

Learn about the type of funding
EPCOR has provided arts and culture

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We brought the heart.
You brought the soul.

View all the artistic and charitable organizations who step up and do what they do best: create an incredible quality of life and provide a lifeline to those that need it most.

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Contact us

For more information or questions about the EPCOR Heart + Soul Fund email