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​Charity support overview

(Please note: applications have now closed)

Are you an Edmonton not-for-profit organization that provides basic needs support for those that need it most? Do you offer programs that focus on food, shelter, mental health, substance abuse, family violence and return to work supports? Do you hold annual fundraising initiatives that are evolving as we continue to recover from the pandemic?

​Funding focus

The focus of the EPCOR Heart + Soul Fund is to help charities with fundraising initiatives, rather than direct support for programs or staff positions. We've heard loud and clear that fundraising has been a struggle, so we've chosen to focus funding on this area in particular. You can apply to us for one of three possible support mechanisms:

  Matching campaign funds

EPCOR will support the introduction of a matching element to your fundraising campaign that enables EPCOR to match dollar for dollar donations made to your campaign, up to a maximum of $20,000.

  Event sponsorship

EPCOR to be positioned as a sponsor of your fundraising event. EPCOR funds may go toward costs related to transforming an in person event into a virtual one, re-introducing in-person fundraising events, or bringing a new fundraising initiative to life.

  Combo sponsorship and matching funds

The maximum funding of $20,000 can be allocated partially to sponsorship and matching funds. For example: EPCOR is recognized as a sponsor of your event, and also a matching supporter of a fundraising campaign that is launched at the event, or another time.  

Audi​t and compliance

All funding awards are subject to a potential audit by EPCOR, upon reasonable notice to the recipient.

If an organization was not able to execute the initiative for which the funds were provided, they must submit a request to reallocate the funds to a new initiative.

 If the initiative is not able to be delivered, the organization will return the funding to EPCOR.​​