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If you're an IT professional looking for a career with an amazing team, look no further than EPCOR. Our IT positions range from entry-level positions to leadership and management positions, with a range of opportunities to create and innovate.

We've put together some information about IT careers at EPCOR. Read through it and then take a look at our current opportunities. You might find that perfect job.

Life at EPCOR

Life at EPCOR is a pretty sweet deal. You'll discover an engaging, inclusive, and diverse work culture that inspires creative thinking and innovation.  At EPCOR, you can work with a team that supports your professional and personal growth and encourages your success. If you want a fulfilling career, work-life balance, and an opportunity to serve your community, explore what EPCOR has to offer.

Minimum qualifications for IT positions

Below is a list of the minimum qualifications for IT positions at EPCOR, but qualifications for specific positions will be listed on the job posting.

For all IT positions, you'll need either of the following levels of education:

  • 2-year post-secondary diploma in Computer Engineering/System Technology
  • 4-year Degree in Computer Science or Engineering degree
​Level Your Experience​ Your Knowledge​
​IT1 ​1-3 years of experience ​You have basic knowledge, but most will be developed through on-the-job training
​IT2 ​4-6 years of experience ​You can demonstrate comprehensive depth and breadth of knowledge in Information Technology
​IT3 ​7-10 years of experience ​You bring superior knowledge of Information Technology
​IT4 ​7-10 years of experience ​You are a seasoned professional that demonstrates significant depth of knowledge and experience in the IT field


Our IT job titles

Every organization has its own job classification system. If you're looking at postings from other organizations, this handy chart will help you compare similar positions.

​EPCOR IT Title Comparable Industry Title​
​Analyst, Systems ​Business Systems Analyst
​Analyst, Senior ​Business Analyst Lead, Senior Systems Analyst
​Analyst, Process ​Operations Research Analyst, Business Process Analyst, IT Operations
​Analyst, IT ​Information Technology Analyst, Systems Engineer, Software Quality Analyst
​Analyst, Business ​Business Consultant, Strategic Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst


A sample of EPCOR IT positions

We have a variety of IT positions that allow our employees to use their skills and thrive by taking on challenges and opportunities. Here are just a few of the roles for IT professionals at EPCOR:

System Analyst

Our systems analysts create, support, maintain, and improve EPCOR's computer systems. They have the important responsibility to oversee upgrades and fixes while ensuring there is minimal interruption to business as usual. Our systems analysts deliver on IT strategic initiatives, which might include developing new systems, upgrading existing systems, and analyzing organizational opportunities. Systems analysts evaluate processes and procedures and use industry best standard to formulate appropriate technical solutions to meet the goals of the organization. The work of our systems analysts has an impact across the entire organization:

  • Systems Analyst, Business Applications
    Systems analysts in Business Applications are accountable for the full range of application design, development, implementation, maintenance, support, and documentation functions related to multiple EPCOR applications. This includes achieving set operational requirements for ad hoc support, ticket support, system enhancements, and acting as a resource for major capital projects.
  • Systems Analyst, Geographic Information System (GIS)
    Systems analysts, GIS, provide technical expertise for GIS applications within EPCOR. They work with a variety of business units and technologies to support and enhance the use of GIS and CAD applications at EPCOR, assist with troubleshooting and resolving issues, and participate in projects to enhance and upgrade GIS applications and processes.
Senior Analyst

Our senior analysts provide a higher level of expertise for EPCOR's technology systems. They are knowledgeable on current technology trends and are able to provide recommendations and communicate effectively with various teams.

  • Senior Analyst, Testing
    Senior analysts, Testing, plan and coordinate testing activities (including testing phases - IST, UAT and Testing Environment) and provide higher level of technical expertise to the team members (including automation testing tool and technology of applications).
  • Senior Analyst, Utility Information System (UIS)
    Senior analysts, UIS, work closely with stakeholders to understand business and technology needs. They coordinate with business analysts and technical analysts to design, implement, and manage technical solutions that effectively support business needs.
  • Senior Analyst, Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
    Senior analysts, ERP, oversee all operating and maintenance activities of EPCOR's ERP system. This includes our Human Resources Management, Supply Chain Management, and Financial systems. Senior analysts also oversee team resources, respond to business requests, and provide management with constant feedback about the status of the applications.
  • Senior Analyst, Web
    Senior analysts for Web are responsible for the full range of application design, development, implementation, maintenance, support, and documentation functions related to EPCOR's internal and external SharePoint (EPCORnet and respectively). They also oversee some widely used web applications, such as GeoFit and My Account, and provide technical advice and support to ongoing IT projects.
  • Senior Analyst, Work Management Systems
    Senior analysts with Work Management Systems ensure the systems EPCOR is supporting are available and performing optimally for the business users. They also identify potential issues that could cause problems with the systems data and usability. These systems analysts introduce improvements to the existing processes related to the systems being supported. 
Process Analyst

Our process analysts review and analyze processes and workflow to determine how they can be improved or automated. Process analysts work with internal stakeholders and external vendors to streamline and fix any broken IT processes.

Join Team EPCOR

There are many other IT positions available. Check out our opportunities and apply today!

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Our employees enjoy benefits

Our employees enjoy a competitive and comprehensive benefits program. Here are a just a few of the advantages of working at EPCOR:

  • Competitive salary
  • Annual incentive (bonus) pay program
  • Pension Plan
  • Flexible benefits plan
  • Paid vacation
  • Five paid personal days off each year
  • Access to internal and external career development programs
  • Financial support for personal development
  • Financial support for employee wellness
  • Career opportunities in a wide variety of disciplines and operational areas
  • Financial support for charitable organizations that employees contribute to

Employer awards and recognition

Take a look at some of the recognition we've received for providing a great work environment and contributing to our communities:

As one of our employees:

  • Your well-being is important
  • Your contributions are appreciated and valued
  • You are a part of a team that cares
  • Your future has limitless possibilities

Our employees


I have been an EPCOR employee for 17 years. Working at EPCOR has provided me with opportunities to advance, support for training, and a breadth of experience that isn’t typical for a lot of companies. The culture is something that really makes me proud to work at EPCOR. People are dedicated, they care about what they do, and we all enjoy making a difference. In my mind, there is no better place to achieve this than in IT since technology and innovation are becoming more and more critical in operating a business successfully.

   David O.
Director, Application Services