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Everything you need to know about EPCOR Natural Gas


After years of waiting, it’s finally here. From 2020 onward, Southern Bruce will start getting access to natural gas and residents can finally enjoy the benefits of clean, efficient heating in their homes.

Application deadlines for the 2021 Natural Gas System installation

You can change your location by selecting from the list below.

​  March 1, 2021

Lurgan Beach
Point Clark

  April 1, 2021



​  May 1, 2021


Residents can still apply after application deadlines have passed. New Kincardine applications will be processed after the system installation.


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Calculate your savings

Natural gas is one of the most cost-effective fuel sources available. Find out how
much you could save in your situation by switching to natural gas with this handy calculator.

With just a few details about your specific situation our online calculator will instantly give you an estimate on how much you could save, every year.​

Calculate your savings


3 reasons to sign up early for getting natural gas to your home


Start saving sooner

EPCOR guarantees the same price for natural gas for the next 10 years. That means you won't have to worry about sudden changes and that the savings you calculate now are the same savings you'll have for the next 10 years.

So, by signing up as early as possible, you start saving sooner and you'll know exactly how much you can save for the next 10 years.


No connection costs

If your meter is located within 30 meters of the property line, we won't charge any connection costs. In fact, connection costs will be covered by us for anyone applying until 2030.

Already have a natural gas connection? You only have to pay for your  natural gas once you start using and will have a full year to have your new appliances installed or converted.


Take control, get your neighborhood on board

If you sign up early, we can connect your home while we're working on the pipeline in your street anyway.

So, if more of your neighbors apply to connect before construction has  started in your street, you'll have far fewer interruptions later. This, combined with the flexibility of being able to wait a year to start using natural gas makes early signup a perfect opportunity for you and your neighbors.

​Coming from propane? Get ready to save

Natural gas is one of the most affordable options available on the market, and that's great. But many propane users have an extra advantage. Find out more.