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​Important information about credit card autopay

Since 2017, we've handled accounts for our natural gas customers through the bill payment system that was in place under the previous owner. We're now improving the customer experience for our natural gas customers, to include access to 24/7 customer care – and we're also integrating accounts into EPCOR's account management system. 

As part of this process, effective April 1, we will be phasing out the use of credit cards for AutoPay.

Here's everything you need to know.

Who does this change affect?

This applies to customers who have been paying their bills automatically through their credit cards. As we transition to the EPCOR's customer billing system, you'll need to change the method of payment used for AutoPay on your account.

Will customers still be able to pay bills automatically?

Yes. You can easily set up monthly AutoPay from your bank account.

Visit our porta​l to change your AutoPay payment method to a checking account, or cancel your AutoPay and set up a credit card in your payment wallet. Log in monthly to make your bill payment.