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Monsoon Season

June 26, 2023
Published In: Water

​​It’s Monsoon season and when the storms come they bring heavy rain with them. Follow these three tips to conserve water and help protect your wastewater system.

  1. Turn off your irrigation system after a monsoon storm. Count three to seven days for each inch of rainfall, depending on how water-intensive the plants in your garden are.
  2. Try rainwater harvesting. Pick up a barrel or large bucket at your local home and yard store – place it outside to collect the rain and use it to water plants after the storm is over and before you turn your irrigation back on.
  3. Create a rain-friendly yard. Design your yard with mini-washes so that rainwater flows to plants and correctly into the storm drain in the street. Keep your yard free of debris so it does not go down the drain where it can clog up the storm and sewer systems.
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