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Tomorrow is World Water Day

March 21, 2023

​Tomorrow is World Water Day and as we face growing water-resource challenges across the globe, it is important for all of us to remember just how precious and critical this natural resource is. After all, only 1.2% of the earth’s water can be accessed for drinking.​ 

All over the wo​​​rld, communities and organizations are working together to solve water issues. Check out these amazing innovations making a real difference:​​

  • ​​Oneka Technologies​ (Canada) - A wave-powered desalination solution produces drinking water using renewable energy created by the waves. Oneka is drought proof, produces no greenhouse gas emissions, requires no land space and is grid-independent.
  • Majik Water (Kenya) - An atmospheric water generator system uses proven condensation-based techniques to capture water moisture from the air. Majik serves communities who are not able to access safe drinking water, offering a turnkey solution.
  • Wateroam Pte Ltd​ (Singapore) - Produces safe, speedy and high-quality drinking water without electricity. The filter is a lightweight system, allowing anyone to easily transport it over any terrain and brought swiftly into hard-to-reach locations.​

On our part, EPCOR will continue its commitment to environmental stewardship, implementing strategies that mitigate environmental impacts through water reclamation, water conservation, creative planning and a multi-faceted approach to water supply.

How will you celebrate World Water Day?​​

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