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A Special Thank You to Our Natural Gas Workers

March 17, 2023
Published In: Natural Gas

​​​​​​​​National Natural Gas Utility Workers Day is recognized on March 18. The date commemorates the anniversary of the tragic New London School explosion that has since served as a reminder of how safety standards have drastically improved over the last 90 years to help keep our crews and customers safe. ​

Today also offers a chance to show our appreciation to all who work in the natural gas utilities, especially our crew in Magnolia, Texas. Our relatively small, yet dedicated team is on call 24/7, ensuring reliable service is maintained to more than 5,000 connections in the greater Houston Metro area.

We are especially proud of the work our team does especially considering the conditions they endure such as the blistering summers, tropical storms, and even the occasional crippling winter storm. Despite these challenges, our team is dedicated to show up to work, and conduct themselves in a professional manner to the communities we serve. 

On this National Gas Utility Workers Day, we say thank you. You truly are the embodiment of a standout team. We applaud your work, not just today, but every day. ​

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