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Behind Our Commitment to Improve Natural Gas Infrastructure

January 25, 2023
Published In: Natural Gas

​​​​​​​In addition to building out new pipelines and connecting hundreds of new customers each year, we have also been diligently working to help replace outdated pipelines and equipment with newer, safer materials.

This process helps improve the integrity of the distribution system. The older steel pipes and other outdated equipment can become serious safety concerns, for our crews and our customers.

State law requires a minimum of 8 percent of outdated pipelines be replaced, and the Magnolia team has been busy keeping pace with that in addition to their existing business.

To efficiently identify the segments of pipelines and equipment that need replaced, the team utilizes a system risk assessment in its distribution integrity management plan combined with previously identified system threats from the prior year. Once replaced, the equipment's serviceable lifespan nearly doubles, from an average of 30-60 years, to 50-100 years, depending of type of material being used.

While the Magnolia team has been updating its systems routinely since the law came into effect in 2011, they have implemented better tracking measures when the law was updated in 2020. Since then, over 4.25 miles of pipelines have been replaced including 21 steel service lines and 16 other distribution components such as meters, regulators, and other equipment.

The team is ready to keep up with this busy pace this year. They anticipate replacing more than half a mile of steel mains and another 55 steel service lines in 2023 alone.

We look forward to the continued success of the Magnolia team and their commitment to maintaining safe equipment for our customers. ​​

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