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EPCOR’s top priority is providing safe, reliable services to our customers and ensuring public safety around our natural gas infrastructure. 

The Texas Railroad Commission requires natural gas utilities to replace 8% of their steel pipes with new polyethylene (plastic) pipes every year for safety. We are replacing a section of our pipeline that runs through the Spring Creek Valley Estates neighborhood near Tomball.

The p​​​​​roject

The pipeline in the Spring Creek Valley Estates neighborhood was installed about 50 years ago. Older steel pipes like this one can corrode over time and create leaks in the natural gas pipeline. Replacing them with polyethylene piping is an industry-standard, cost-effective procedure that modernizes the system and improves safety and reliability. 

As part of the project, each affected home will also need to pass a gas leak detection test before it can be reconnected to the new pipeline. Natural gas leaks are a danger not only to individual homeowners but to whole neighborhoods, and it’s important to make sure each home’s individual system is in good working order.  


The project will take place between June and October 2022.

Protecting our customers

To complete this required safety project, EPCOR will need access to natural gas meters on about 80 active customers’ homes/properties. Gas service will need to be temporarily disconnected while a leak detection test is conducted at each home. In cases where the home does not pass the leak test, repairs will be necessary before the home can be reconnected to the gas pipeline. 

The cost of repairs needed beyond the gas meter on the property are the customer’s responsibility. We understand that these requirements may cause financial impact, and we’re offering free repair diagnosis from a licensed plumber to help minimize those impacts.

EPCOR has arranged for Heartland Plumbing to diagnose repair needs at no cost to customers. Customers should call them at 281-789-4722 within seven calendar days of disconnect to take advantage of this free service. Customers are not obligated to use this plumber for repairs.

We appreciate your coopera​​​​tion and patience  

We understand that the project will cause some impacts for homeowners. We appreciate your cooperation and patience while we complete the work, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have. 

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