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Clovis Regional Airport Breaks Ground on New Water Project

August 08, 2022

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO—August 8, 2022— EPCOR and the City of Clovis (City) today announced the breaking ground of a water system project serving the Clovis Regional Airport (CVN). Funded partially by a state grant and by the City, EPCOR will extend a main water line approximately 3.8 miles from its existing City system and connect to the CVN water system.

The project solves a critical water shortage problem as the airport currently has an isolated water system served by a single potable water well that is at risk of failure. The new system will ensure the airport has a reliable water supply.

“We are pleased to make this a priority project and provide this critical service to the Clovis Regional Airport, which is at risk due to its isolated water system,” said Daniel Bailet, Vice President and General Manager of New Mexico operations. “We are committed to delivering clean, reliable water to New Mexicans and look forward to supporting the needs of the airport in Clovis.”  

The City recently applied for and was awarded a $2.14M grant from the State of New Mexico to partially fund the project and pledged an additional $500,000 to help offset construction costs of the water main extension. EPCOR estimates the project will cost approximately $3.2M. Funds from the state grant must be used by November 2023, though EPCOR expects the project to be complete by the end of 2022. 

“The City of Clovis is grateful for the funding and excited about the economic development opportunities this opens up for our airport and the region,” said Clovis Mayor Mike Morris.

For further information, please contact:​

Matt Atwood
Senior Advisor, Public Affairs
Cell: (512)760-5652


Among the largest private utilities in the Southwest, EPCOR USA provides water, wastewater and natural gas service to approximately 780,000 people across 42 communities and 18 counties in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. With corporate offices in Phoenix, EPCOR employs approximately over 425 people.​​

​ About the City of Clovis 

It is the mission of Clovis city government to provide quality municipal services in the best, most effective and most economical manner; to operate in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration with all people in every endeavor; to expect every employee of the City to perform to the highest of their capacity and to provide leadership and resource in a community based program of economic development; and to consider every issue on the basis that Clovis is a “Community for Family”. ​

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