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The 130 Pipeline is a 53-mile wholesale water supply pipeline that delivers groundwater from Burleson County to the northeastern Austin metropolitan area.

Designed to deliver nearly 18 million gallons of water daily, the 130 Pipeline supplies private groundwater to municipal customers in Travis County (Texas) under long-term contracts. Additional wholesale water supply customers can be supported by the 130 Pipeline, which delivers water from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer ā€“ one of the largest and most prolific aquifer systems in Texas ā€“ with a high degree of quality, reliability and resistance to drought.

A rich history in water

Water is at the heart of what we do. We proudly keep the water flowing in over 100 communities across North America, delivering water and wastewater services to about 1.9 million people, including Texas. With a rich 125-year history, EPCOR has deep experience in water distribution and transmission development and operations.

Investing in our water future

Since 2011, EPCOR USA has invested USD $736 million in the Southwest. In 2011, the company acquired Chaparral City Water Company, followed by the 2012 acquisition of American Water's Arizona and New Mexico assets and operations. In 2013, EPCOR USA acquired North Mohave Valley Corporation in Arizona and Thunder Mountain Water Company in New Mexico, as well as existing agreements and master-planning responsibilities to provide wastewater and recycled water services to a 7,000-acre development corridor in Glendale, Arizona. In 2016, Willow Valley Water Company was added to the company's Arizona footprint and, with the 130 Pipeline, EPCOR now proudly provides water service in Texas.