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​2020 Magnolia rate review and what it means for you

Natural gas service is good for the environment, but it takes a lot to get it from its source to your home or business. Whether you're warming up the furnace or cooking dinner for your family, we're focused on making sure your service is safe and reliable

Rates for your gas service are set by the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) and the City of Magnolia after a thorough and careful review of what it costs to deliver your service.

We filed the rate review request June 29, 2020, giving the RRC and the City of Magnolia the information they need to thoroughly review rates for your service. The rate review process takes about six months – a decision is expected early in 2021. View the application.

Simplifying your bill

The colder it gets, the more natural gas is used and today that means that winter bills can be significantly higher than during other times of the year. Rates fluctuate, depending on the price to purchase the natural gas we deliver to you.

A lot goes into delivering your natural gas service – from buying the gas itself to the pipelines that deliver it and the daily maintenance and operations of the entire system to make sure it stays safe and reliable. As part of this rate review filing, we are recommending the different companies that work together to provide your natural gas service – all owned by EPCOR – be combined as one. Combining them helps customers – if approved by the RRC, combining the companies will lower the pipeline delivery portion of the cost by $3.41 (per Mcf), helping to offset increases to other operating costs.

Another important factor in your natural gas service is the cost of purchasing gas, which is separate from the delivery cost. Gas prices fluctuate month to month – you will continue to see any changes to the price of buying your gas adjusted on your bill on a monthly basis.   

Here's what it means for you

Proposed rate changes for incorporated customers

Customer Class ​Number of Customers
Customer Charge
Customer Charge
​Current Volumetric Charge (Mcf) ​Proposed Volumetric Charge (Mcf)
Residential ​388 $21.39​ $30.50 $9.4276 $9.4276
​Commercial 64 ​$21.39 ​$45.00 $9.4276 $12.1623


Impact on average bill for incorporated customers

Customer Class (Average Monthly Usage Mcf)* Current Average Monthly Bill with Gas Cost
 Proposed Average Monthly Bill with Gas Cost
Monthly Increase
​Percentage Increase with Gas Cost ​Percentage Change without Gas Cost
Residential ​$65.14 $65.62 $0.48 0.7% 20.1%​
Commercial $488.18 ​$493.56 ​$5.38 1.1%​ 35.3%​
*Average Monthly Usage Mcf is as follows: Residential (2.5 Mcf); Commercial (27.0 Mcf)

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To share your thoughts on this rate review with the City of Magnolia, you can submit comments to the City of Magnolia.

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