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Our Customer Information and Rules of Service packet outlines our policies regarding billing, terms of service, reading your gas meter and other information about your natural gas service.

These Conditions of Service provide a summary of EPCOR's standards and practices governing the relationship between EPCOR and its Customers. This document does not supersede any terms and conditions set out in EPCOR's Rate Schedules approved by the Ontario Energy Board ("OEB"). EPCOR reserves the right to modify these Conditions of Service at any time.

  1. All Customers must comply with these Conditions of Service and will be obliged to pay for all gas supplied and/or delivered to the Customer's premises and all items billed to the Customer by EPCOR.
  2. Gas distribution services will be made available to new residential, commercial and industrial Customers within EPCOR's franchise areas if EPCOR, at its sole discretion, determines that:

a) sufficient gas supply exists;
b) sufficient transportation and distribution capacity exists;
c) installation of the infrastructure required would not pose any safety or other risk; and,
d) installation of the infrastructure required is determined to be economically feasible.

  1. EPCOR may require Customers to curtail or discontinue the use of gas if the supply of gas is jeopardized in the event of:

a) an actual or threatened shortage of gas due to circumstances beyond EPCOR's control;
b) curtailment or restricted gas usage being ordered by a governmental authority or agency having jurisdiction; or
c) an event of Force Majeure.

EPCOR may also be required to interrupt gas service from time to time for repair and/or maintenance of its facilities. Except in the case of an emergency, affected Customers will be given reasonable notice of such interruption. EPCOR shall not be liable for any loss of production, nor for any loss or damages whatsoever associated with curtailment, discontinuance, interruption or any other failure of supply.

  1. The point of delivery of all gas (or redelivery in the case of gas directly purchased by a Customer) shall be at the outlet of EPCOR's Meter. At the point of delivery, all gas delivered becomes property of the Customer. All gas passing through the Meter, whether it is used or lost through leakage downstream of the Meter, is the Customer's responsibility and the Customer shall pay for that gas.
  2. Potential new Customers of EPCOR, and existing Customers moving premises, must notify EPCOR and complete an "Application for Natural Gas Service" form at least three business days prior to their planned move. If advance notice is not given, accounts may be retroactively adjusted up to a maximum of 30 days from the date on which notification of the move was provided to EPCOR.
  3. EPCOR reads its Customer Meters every month. You must provide EPCOR or its representative access to your premises and Meter, for Meter reading purposes, during normal working hours. Customers are responsible for the protection of all metering equipment necessary for the supply of gas and for keeping it accessible at all times. This includes refraining from placing vegetation, structures of any kind, whether permanent or temporary, and other objects within 60 centimeters (24 inches) around the Meter.

If EPCOR has been unable to read your Meter during normal working hours, arrangements can be made to obtain a reading at your convenience. You can also submit your own Meter reading by calling an EPCOR customer service representative at 1-519-773-5321. If EPCOR is not able to read the Meter and you do not submit a reading, your bill will be issued based on an estimated reading. Any necessary adjustments due to estimated bills will be made on the next regular billing after EPCOR has obtained a reading.

  1. Customers are bound by these Conditions of Service and are obligated to pay for all charges on their EPCOR bill, including late payment charges, until EPCOR has processed and accepted the Customer's request for discontinuance of service and the supply of gas has been terminated by EPCOR. Customers shall provide EPCOR with 15 days' notice for any requested discontinuance. Disconnection fees as outlined in Schedule 1 will apply.
  2. Conducting business with a high degree of integrity and in an ethical manner is important to EPCOR. These values are applied to EPCOR's interactions with its Customers and to the standards of protection of their personal information. EPCOR is committed to respecting your privacy and complying with applicable legislation. EPCOR treats all Customer information as strictly confidential. EPCOR will not disclose, sell, lease or trade your information unless you authorize us to do so, or it is required or permitted by law. More information on EPCOR's Privacy Policy is available on EPCOR's website.

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