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What we'll need to get started

  1. Your name.
  2. Your phone number.
  3. Your mailing and/or legal land address.
  4. The date you require service.

Signing up is easy, if your property already has a natural gas line.

Moving into a home that already has Natural Gas

Start billing by contacting one of our Customer Service Consultants at (519) 773-5321 or fill out our Gas Service Application form and submit it to

Moving into a home without Natural Gas

Many properties in the EPCOR area have natural gas main lines already running in front of the property, but not all. Follow these steps to get a service line installed or contact our office for instructions.

Natural Gas Commodity

This is the fuel burned by your appliances. Customers have a commodity purchase choice for their Natural Gas Commodity rate. You may:

  • Receive EPCOR System gas customer commodity rate. This customer is referred to as a System Gas customer.
  • Sign a contract with an energy retailer for a fixed commodity rate. A customer serviced by a retailer is referred to as a Direct Purchase Customer.

Your commodity rate depends upon the commodity purchase choice you have made. If you have not signed a contract with an energy retailer you are automatically billed as a System Gas customer.