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Everything you need to kno​w about EPCOR Natural Gas ​

After years of waiting, it’s finally here. Southern Bruce now has access to natural gas, and residents can finally enjoy the benefits of clean, efficient heating in their homes. Learn about the setup process.​​

Where can I get nat​ural gas service

Residents that apply for natural gas service today, will be connected to service in 2024.

​Switching from propane to natural gas

Natural gas is one of the ​most affordabl​e options available on the market compared to propane and with newer appliances, the switch is even easier.

Connecting to our natural gas distribution system

We will be installing the gas mainline on streets and connecting it to properties that have applied for natural gas service with us. Find out when you can expect service with our construction.

Ready to get started?

Apply for natural gas service now

What to expect during construction

While we try to minimize disruptions during our project work, there are some things that may affect you throughout the project, like traffic impacts and sidewalk closures. Learn what to expect while we build the distribution network that will connect your property to natural gas. ​