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Meter replacements

The lifespan of a meter seal is set by Measurement Canada. That lifespan varies depending on a number of factors including the size of the meter, type of meter and success rates of past sampling. We are required by Measurement Canada to follow a rigid replacement schedule for each meter in circulation.

When replacing a meter, we must inspect every home or business to ensure that the meter is sized correctly. In addition, a safety inspection is completed to determine if all appliances and environmental conditions meet safety codes as well as to relight any conventional appliances.

Residential meters

A new residential meter has a seal life of 10 years. After 10 years we must remove that meter and replace it with a new meter.

Commercial meters

Common commercial meters have a lifespan of 7 years. Refurbished seals offer a 5 year maximum extension.

Meter reading and safety

Periodic meter reading is necessary to bill accurate actual natural gas consumption. Typically, each meter is read monthly. Odd exceptions exist requiring us to estimate consumption, such as a lack of access, privacy concerns, aggressive pets or overhead ice.

To ensure the most accurate and timely meter read, please ensure that there is a clear, accessible and safe pathway to the meter. Please also ensure that all overhead ice has been removed in the winter season.

If you have recently extended a driveway and your meter is now located on a driveway, please call us to install adequate protection in front of the meter. This will prevent meter damage as a result of impacting the meter while parking.