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Important information for
natural gas customers

Calling all weekend warriors!

If your weekend yard work includes anything from digging for fence posts to foundation repairs, remember to get your utility locates from Ontario One Call ahead of time.

Sinking a shovel into the ground could result in serious injury, widespread service disruptions and costly repairs and under Ontario regulations, you could be held liable for all of it.

Call before your dig: It's free. It's easy. It's the law.


Ways to pay your bill

​​​Did you know there are a number of ways you can pay your EPCOR bill? Find the one that works best for you:

Automatic withdrawal: easily have the monthly amount automatically deducted from your bank account by signing up for our plan.

Credit card: log into EPCOR's My Account to make a one-time payment with your Visa or MasterCard.

Through your bank: use your bank's online or telephone system or visit a branch to make a payment using the ATM or by speaking with a teller.

By mail: use the pre-addressed envelope included with your bill statement and mail it along with your payment.

Drop box at our office: use the quick drop payment slot at our office.​

Looking to switch how you pay your monthly bill? Log into My Account to change your billing preferences.​

​Call before you clear a
sewer backup

To keep everyone safe, ensure that you or your plumber contact Ontario One Call before attempting to clear a plugged sewer with any mechanical equipment.

In rare instances, a gas line is installed within a sewer line, which is known as a cross bore. If a cross bore is struck while a sewer backup is being cleared, it could cause natural gas to leak into your property or the sewer system, potentially leading to personal injury or an explosion.

Take these steps to safely manage a sewer backup.

​Resto​ration and construction in the Municipality of Kincardine

Construction resumes​

Full construction is resuming in Kincardine and Inverhuron to connect customers who signed up for service in 2020.

Learn more about what you can expect as we locate underground utilities and install service lines on properties. This may result in further restoration work in your neighbourhood at the end of the construction season.

Restoration​ continues

We will continue to restore sections on both the public and private side that were disturbed by the previous construction season. ​


We will remove the temporary sand and replace with topsoil and seed. We recommend watering the restored area as needed.

  Driveways and/or roads

Restoration will begin in late May when asphalt becomes available for the season. We will restore driveways and roads with equivalent materials and match the existing grade as much as possible.

Note: please contact the Municipality for roads and lawns that were affected by snow plows.

  Underground systems (irrigation, sprinklers, dog fences, etc.)

Please contact us if your system has not been restored.


If you have any concerns about your restored property, please contact us at 1 (888) 765-2256. ​