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Important information f​​or natural gas customers

​Quarterly rate cha​nges to​​ your monthly gas bill

As EPCOR Natural Gas customers, you will have received the following notice that outlines the changes you will see on your monthly bill as of April 1, 2022.​

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​April is ​Dig Safe Month

If you plan to do any digging or any other action that disturbs the ground, remember: Before you dig, you must have all buried utilities located by Ontario One Call. 

Sinking a shovel into the ground could result in serious injury, widespread service disruptions and costly repairs and under Ontario regulations, you could be held liable for all of it.

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Sewer backups and natural ​gas leaks​​

A network of power, natural gas, phone and cable lines, as well as water and sewer pipes may lie just under the surface of your property. In rare instances, a gas line is mistakenly installed within a sewer line, which is known as a cross bore.

If a cross bore is struck while a sewer backup is being cleared, it could cause natural gas to leak into your property or the sewer system, potentially leading to personal injury or an explosion.

Cross bores pose no safety threat unless they are struck by motorized or high pressure equipment, typically used by drain cleaning professionals to unclog a plugged sewer. 

If you experience a sewer backup, call a drain cleaning professional to determine the source of the blockage.

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EPCOR's My Account online system allows you to manage your account at any time, from anywhere, for free.

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  • Track and compare your energy consumption monthly and annually​

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​Construction in the Municipality of Kincardine

EPCOR, and our construction partner AECON, will be returning to Kincardine this spring to connect even more customers to natural gas service. We will also continue to be in Inverhuron and will resume work in Tiverton at the later end of the summer. 

You can expect to see construction activity similar to the last two years as we locate underground utilities and install service lines on properties so customers can begin using natural gas. This may result in further restoration work in your neighborhood at the end of the construction season.

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