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Here are the payment options available to our customers. Once enrolled, you'll continue to receive a utility bill each month.

Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Plan

The Automatic Withdrawal Authorization plan is available to all customers. With Automatic Withdrawal Authorization plan, your monthly EPCOR bill is withdrawn from your bank account on the billing due date and automatically credited to your EPCOR account

Sign up for the Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Plan.

Budget Billing Plan

Our budget billing plan averages your utility costs over an annual period so you pay an equal amount each month. That way, you'll always know in advance how much your monthly bill will be, making budgeting easier. We will estimate the aggregate amount of your bill for gas service for a normal year's operation from June to April, divide this by eleven and round it up to the next $5.00 or $10.00 amount. This will be your monthly budget instalment you will pay in lieu of the regular monthly billing.

Once a year in the month of May, you'll receive a 'settle-up' bill that compares your actual charges to your payments. If you've paid more than your actual costs, your account will be credited. If you've paid less, that balance will be added to the amount due for the actual gas charges incurred for the month of May on your 'settle-up' bill.

The budget billing plan is available to residential customers with satisfactory credit. On the budget billing plan, your budget billing may be recalculated as required and therefore your budget amount may change during the budget billing period. For example, adding appliances to your home will change how much energy you consume and may require your budget billing to be recalculated. If you move, the budget billing plan will need to be settled for the home you are vacating and a new budget billing plan set up for your new home.

Keeping your payment option in good standing

Payments by mail

When payments are made by mail, bills are considered to have been paid the day prior to the postmark date.

Payments made through your bank

When payments are made through your bank, bills are considered to have been paid on the date the payment is processed by the bank.

Payment withdrawal dates

Payment withdrawals for the Automatic Withdrawal Authorization option will occur on your utility bill's due date, with a confirmation message displayed on the bill. Sufficient funds or bank approved overdraft protection must be available when payment is due to avoid NSF and/or late payment charges.

If your banking information changes

Simply provide us with your new banking information in writing at least five days prior to your next payment withdrawal date. Make sure to include a voided personalized cheque that displays your account numbers and the name of your account. We'll take care of the rest.