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​Facts about water quality in French Creek

Water quality at EPCOR is our first priority. 

We treat the water in French Creek to ensure it meets or exceeds Health Canada Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water. Rigorous and regular water testing allows us to monitor water quality to ensure it continues to be safe and meet these federal guidelines. 

Water source and quality
​​​​The characteristics of a raw water source in a community determine what's necessary to treat it properly. In the case of French Creek, naturally-occurring minerals from water sources in the area result in variations in odour or taste. However, there is no concern with any sources of contamination in the area impacting water quality. Any changes to water quality in the community would be detected through our frequent water testing program.

The quantity of water in the source is also important to planning the long term viability of the community's water system. We contracted a third-party consultant to assess the ground water source, which was deemed a sustainable water supply.

Water treatment at our facility
​​​​As is the case in most municipalities in Canada, towards the end of the water treatment process, chlorine is added to disinfect the water and inactivate harmful microorganisms. This minimum disinfectant is present in the water up to the customer's tap. It provides protection against the growth of microorganisms or potential contamination in the municipal distribution system (in the event of a significant main break) or building plumbing systems. In fact, we are required by our approval to operate, issued by the Vancouver Island Health Authority, to maintain a chlorine residual of at least 0.2 mg/L at all times and at all locations within the distribution system. For more information on drinking water chlorination visit Health Canada's website.

While some French Creek customers choose to install in-home water treatment and filtration systems in their homes to improve the aesthetics of their drinking water, water quality in French Creek meets or exceeds Health Canada's Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water. View our annual French Creek water quality reports or contact us at (250) 951-2460.​​

Getting water to your home
​​The community of French Creek has a network of underground pipes delivering water from our water treatment plant to your home. 

Asbestos-cement (AC) pipe and PVC pipe are both widely used for drinking water distribution. The American Water Works Association estimates that 15-20% of all installed water pipe in North America is AC pipe. The French Creek system contains both types of pipe. Health Canada and other authorities have concluded that drinking water delivered through asbestos-cement and PVC pipe is safe to drink.
A history of improving water quality
​​Since EPCOR began operating the French Creek Utility in May 2006, we have made significant improvements in the area of quality assurance. This includes the construction of the Drew Road Water Treatment Plant, continued maintenance programs and increased water quality monitoring.

Should you have any further questions about your water or water quality, please contact us at (250) 951-2460.​

Water quality reports​​​

We test both the raw water supply and the treated water to ensure safe and reliable drinking water to the community. 

We perform 6500 water quality tests each year. Our testing protocols meet or exceed the standards defined by provincial and federal requirements and health guidelines.