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EPCOR is investing in the French Creek water system to ensure the community has a safe, sustainable water supply for years to come. ​

In December 2023, we applied to the B.C. Comptroller of Water Rights to set water rates for the upcoming 2024-2026 rate period. The rates proposed in our application reflect the forecast costs of providing water service and maintaining and upgrading the French Creek water system during this timeframe.

You can find more information about our application, and the associated regulatory process, below.

Why rates are changing

We apply to set the water rates in French Creek every three years. The new rates will enable EPCOR to operate and upgrade the system for the 2024-2026 rate period, which allows us to continue providing safe and reliable water service to our customers.

For 2024-2026, our investment will make the system more reliable and efficient with:
  1. The addition of two pressure-reducing valve stations. These will alleviate areas in the system where water pressure exceeds the maximum allowable pressure. Almost half of EPCOR’s French Creek system exceeds the maximum allowable pressure. This improvement will result in reduced leakage, reduced stress on pipes and bends, and lower repair/maintenance costs on older, weaker sections of distribution piping.​

  2. Water main upgrades (upgrading from a 100mm water main to 150mm). This will help ensure reliable fire service. The is one of many projects that will opportunistically and progressively address the fire flow deficiencies that are identified in the French Creek Water System Master Plan Update 202​0​​.

  3. Rehabilitation of three well systems.

  4.  Increased sampling and testing of groundwater and the water system to ensure we continue to deliver safe, clean water for our customers. 

In addition, we are continuing to use a rate structure that encourages water conservation. The French Creek community draws its water from aquifers that are also used by neighbouring communities and private wells—we are allocated only a certain amount. While we have adequate supply for the needs of our customers, we want to ensure there’s capacity to support the continued growth of the community while safeguarding the local watershed and responding to the challenges of climate change.​

Breaking down the new rates

The new water rates reflect the costs to provide safe and reliable water service in French Creek. The rates for 2024-2026 represent a 6.8% increase per year. This increase will help fund the improvement projects noted above, and others. ​

For a customer consuming 20 cubic metres (m3) per month, the new rates and rate riders will result approximately in a $9.05/bill increase in 2024, a $3.02/bill increase in 2025 and a $3.49/bill increase in 2026. The average customer is currently paying about $66.21/month (assuming usage of 20 m3/month). French Creek residents are billed on a quarterly basis. 

A summary of our new rates and rate riders is provided below.

Average residential* customer monthly bill

*based on consumption of 20 cubic metres (m3) per month

​2023 ​2024 ​2025 ​2026

Minimum Charge (consumption up to 12m3/month)





Additional Charge (consumption over 12m3/month)





Rate Rider** (consumption up to 12m3/month)





Rate Rider** (consumption over 12m3/month)





Total Bill*





Increase to Monthly Bill compared to 2023 rates


$9.05 $3.02​ $3.49​

*Bill totals may not add up due to rounding.
**Rate Rider reflects charges for outstanding balances in deferral accounts for the 2021-2023 rate period.

​How rates are set

Water rates are based on a forecast of the costs of providing safe and reliable water service to customers. In British Columbia, these rates are regulated by the B.C. Comptroller of Water Rights as follows:

  • ​EPCOR submits an application for the proposed rates to the B.C. Comptroller of Water Rights for review and approval. Please see below for a copy of the application and associated documents.
  • As with the previous rate application filed in 2020, the 2024-2026 rate application covers a three-year period.
  • The B.C. Comptroller of Water Rights reviews the forecast costs and proposed rates in a regulatory process.
  • This process provides opportunity for customer input.
  • If approved, the new rate is anticipated to go into effect later in 2024, with an adjustment to be retroactive for 2024. 

The graph below shows the average monthly water bill in French Creek in comparison to other communities in the area. Bills include both variable and fix​ed fees.  ​​​


Supporting water conservation

In the previous rate period (2021-2023), we adjusted our lowest rate tier from 15 m3 - 75 m3 to 12 m3 - 75 m3. This means that a customer consuming less than 15 m3 per month saw a net reduction in their overall bill over that period, while customers consuming more than 15 m3 per month saw an increase in their bill. We are continuing this practice in the 2024-2026 rate period to encourage ongoing conservation. 

Every little thing you do to conserve water adds up. Whether it’s considering the landscaping around your home or turning off the tap while you brush your teeth, your efforts can have an impact. ​See our efficiency and conservation section​ for more information on using less water.​