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​Our customers are looking for HVAC professionals to help them maximize the value they get out of their natural gas connection. Help them and apply to become listed as a local preferred HVAC provider using our HVAC preferred registration form.

Get listed

Join us on our mission to help customers get the most our of their natural gas connection. Apply today as a local HVAC provider in Southern Bruce and get listed on our website as a preferred HVAC contractor.

Who is this for?

This listing is only available for HVAC providers who actively service one of the following regions: Kincardine, Tiverton, Invehuron, Paisley, Chesley, Lurgan Beach/Point Clark, Ripley or Lucknow.

Find more information on where natural gas will be available.

Your HVAC information hub

Our information page has all the resources you and your customers could potentially need. Everything you need to know regarding natural gas. the pipeline, availability and even application forms.

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