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Natural gas is a reliable, convenient fuel source that can reduce your operating costs, allowing you to invest those savings back into your business.

Benefits of natural gas for your business

There are many ways your business can benefit by switching to natural gas service:

  • Continuous supply for heating or cooking during storms or power outages
  • Using natural gas eliminates noise and odour common with other fuel choices
  • More space at your establishment once fuel tanks are no longer onsite
  • Removing oil tanks or baseboard heating can often reduce insurance premiums

  Natural gas is cost-effective

No more stocking up on heating fuel in advance or arranging a delivery — and the hefty bill that comes with it. Natural gas is convenient, affordable and provides an instant source of energy.

  Natural gas is safe, clean and reliable

By switching to natural gas, your business is using one of the safest and cleanest burning fuel choices.

"Natural gas emits lower levels of greenhouse gases and air pollution than any other fuel source including heating oil, propane and, in some jurisdictions, electricity."*

  Natural gas is versatile

Natural gas can be used for more than just heating your business space.


As the appetite for low-cost, low-emission alternatives to diesel and gasoline continues to grow, so do the advantages of switching to a fuel that reduces costs, burns cleaner and can help businesses win contracts.

Natural gas used as a transportation fuel can result in fuel costs savings of as much as 10-20 per cent compared to diesel.*


Adding natural gas equipment to your operations can improve efficiencies and reduce emissions on top of saving on your energy bill. Some examples include:

  • Heating, cooling or ventilation systems that can make up the largest part of your energy use
  • Ranges, ovens, fryers or cooktops for your commercial kitchen
  • Natural gas dryers for laundry service at your laundromat, hotel or multi-residential complex
  • Power generation options to ensure business continuity and the reduction of operating costs

Consult one of our local, preferred HVAC contractors to learn what equipment may benefit your business.

*Sou​​rce: 2019 Canadian Gas Association Playbook


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