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​Choose the right service for
your business

For most businesses in the area, you can complete our Rate 1 Commercial application form online. This is applicable to restaurants, retailers, hotels, multi-residential properties, religious establishments, golf courses, fitness facilities, etc. This rate class has no contract and the rate doesn't fluctuate for time of year.

If you use more than 150,000 m3 of energy per year, please contact us at  to discuss your customized requirements. This could include large commercial, agricultural or industrial operations, educational institutions, hospitals, etc. Depending on your needs, your rate could fluctuate seasonally, your service could accept interruption with notice or you could have specific energy demands we would adhere to.

Begin the sign up process

Step 1: Sign up for service

Complete the application form and submit in one of the following ways:

Download application form​​​​


Step 2: Fill out the Meter Request form

After you've submitted the Meter Request form, we'll come out for an initial site visit, and when finalized, install the meter and natural gas line.

Do not disconnect your fuel source or remove any equipment until after your natural gas service has been installed and the appointment for your meter activation has been booked.​

Fill out the request form

Step 3: Set up your natural gas account​ with EPCOR

Send us one of the following documents:

  • A completed preauthorized payment form. We will enroll you in automatic withdrawal once your natural gas service starts
  • A reference letter from another natural gas vendor or electricity provider
  • A $300 security deposit which will be added to your first natural gas bill once service begins. This amount will be refunded to you once you have an established credit history with us for 12 months.

Step 4: Contact a heating (HVAC) contractor

The HVAC contractor will work with you to:

  • Assess connection requirements
  • Identify all appliances and equipment you want connected to natural gas and outline conversion requirements
  • Discuss other appliance or equipment options you've been considering, such as a gas stove, water heater or gas dryer

We recommend reviewing your contract with your existing heating provider so you can provide suitable notice within the terms of your agreement.​

Search our list of HVAC providers

​Step 5: Contact EPCOR for a natural gas s​ite visit and to start service

Contact us and we will work with your HVAC contractor to arrange a final site visit to turn on your meter and inspect and light your natural gas equipment and/or appliances.

Learn more about the process​​​

​Contact us

Have questions about your application or what to d​o next?
Give us a call and we'll walk you through your next steps.

1 (888) 765-2256