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​We're hard at work to bring natural gas to your doorstep

Where and when will you be able to get a natural gas connection? Find all you need to know about the schedule and the availability of natural gas below.



Bruce Energy Centre



Lurgan Beach
Point Clark


​For the citizens of Brockton

Unfortunately, for now, EPCOR does not have the rights to supply natural gas to the municipality of Brockton. Together with Brockton's municipal representatives, we continue to look for a solution on this matter.

Important: No connection fees!

We’re already working on the pipeline nearby, so as long as construction of the main
pipeline is underway, getting a new connection from your property line will be free*.


If I apply for a natural gas connection to my home, how long will it take until I can start using natural gas?

If you live in Kincardine, Inverhuron, or Tiverton areas and sign up before August 2020, you will be included in the main construction schedule. The construction teams will move from street to street, connecting all the homes and businesses that have signed up along their route. Sign up early and benefit!

If you live in Paisley, Chesley, Lucknow, Ripley, Lurgan Beach or Point Clark areas, you are scheduled to connect in 2021, but we still encourage you to sign up sooner. It is possible that if we have pockets of connections that are signed up early, we may prioritize those connections because it is more efficient for our crews to connect geographic clusters of customers – so get your neighbours to sign up as well.

But what if I apply after that deadline?

If you live in Kincardine, Inverhuron, or Tiverton areas and miss the August 2020 deadline, you can still get connected to natural gas. Still, the construction crews may not be able to get to your residence until 2022 - after they have completed the entire Southern Bruce construction project.

*Most customers can connect to the mainline within 30 meters. Customers who require more line to connect, will be provided with an estimate for the additional line cost which  if approved, will be charged on their first bill. 


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