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Where natural ga​s service is available

Residents in the following communities that ​ apply for natural gas service​ by April 30, 2023, will be connected to service this year. Residents who apply after April 30th will be connected in 2024.​​ ​


​​Lurgan Beach

Point Clark



New communities that will be getting natural gas​​​

​​We will be adding new communities in the next phase of our natural gas distribution system in the Municipalities of Kincardine, Arran Elderslie, Brockton and West Grey.​​​ View our map below for where will you be able to get a natural gas connection and current schedule. 



Important: No connection fees!

We’re already working on the pipeline nearby, so as long as construction of the main
pipeline is underway, getting a new connection from your property line will be free*.




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