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​After you have finished your four-step application, we will send one of our EPCOR gas technicians to your property to make sure everything is in order for construction.

Site visit

Our visit will allow us to:

  • Determine the pathway and size of the gas line from the street to your property
  • Confirm the location, noted on your Meter Size and Location Request form, of the gas meter on your property
  • Measure the distance from your property line to the proposed meter location*
  • Take pictures for construction and installation records
  • Place a mark or sticker where the meter will be placed on your property foundation. Please do not move or tamper with this mark

All of this work takes place outside your home so you do not have to be present for this visit or come in contact with our technicians.

*Installation from the distribution system to the meter up to a maximum of 30 metres from your property line will be completed at no cost. Most customers can connect to the mainline within 30 metres. Customers who require more line to connect, will be provided with an estimate for the additional line cost, which, if approved, will be charged on their first bill.  

Construction, inspection, light!

We will be working throughout construction season on the service network that will bring natural gas to your property. We will provide notification of construction work on your street and on your property.

Here's how you can prepare once you receive notification and what you can expect from
our visit:

Clear a path to your gas meter

Refrain from planting a garden or adding other landscaping features close to your gas meter location before the meter is installed. If you have existing plants, trees or shrubs on the marked path to your gas meter, remove them prior to construction. Our crew will need access to the area to potentially dig a trench from the gas main to your property gas meter.

We will restore lawns that were disturbed as part of construction with grass seed or sod.

Gas service and meter installation

1 to 3 weeks before we install the gas line, utility companies will be on your property to locate their underground services to ensure our installation process is safe and efficient. Please do not move or tamper with the marks, flags and stakes before we install the gas line. Once the gas line is installed, the meter will be installed on your property within a few days.

Final site visit to start service (you will need to be on the property during this site visit)

Once construction is complete, EPCOR and your HVAC contractor will arrange a final site visit to turn on your meter and inspect and light your natural gas equipment and/or appliances so you can start using them. If all your appliances or equipment haven't arrived in time, your HVAC contractor can return at a later date to light them.

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