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The benefits of an HVAC visit

Once you've signed up for service by completing our applications forms, contact a local Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor to inspect your appliances and assess connection requirements for these units and any other necessary gas lines required within the premises.

The contractor can also help you complete the remaining parts of the Meter Size & Location Request form, which can be re-submitted to EPCOR with additional information.

Determine the appliances and equipment you want connected to natural gas

Natural gas appliances can add value to your home and save you money. Speak with an HVAC professional about appliances and equipment you've been considering adding to your property, such as a gas stove, outdoor gas fire pit or a gas barbeque!

Working safely with an HVAC contractor

As part of the process to get natural gas service, an HVAC contractor will need to enter your premises to inspect your current appliances and connect them to the gas meter, when ready. HVAC providers are taking various measures to keep you and their employees safe. These include:

  • Contacting you to discuss health and safety before visiting your home

  • Reducing the time at your property by conducting videoconferencing consultations

  • Maintaining a safe social distance while at your home

  • Disinfecting tools and equipment before and after a visit

  • Using personal protective equipment (PPE) and adhering to the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Canada

​Find your HVAC provider

We have already compiled a list of preferred HVAC providers who are active in your area.

Emke Schaab Climate Care


Phone: (519) 364-2440

Edward Fuels Home Comfort


Phone: (519) 524-8386

Enercare Home Services


Email: Phone: 1 (866) 627-6483


South Port Mechanical/Geothermal


Phone: (519) 396-2665 or
(519) 396-9276

Montgomery's Comfort Center


Phone: (519) 357-4300
Toll free: 1 (888) 357-4301

Troy's Plumbing and Heating


Phone: (519) 881-2617

​Need help? Just ask.

EPCOR is here to help. If you have any questions regarding selecting your HVAC professional or need help with anything else regarding your natural gas connection, go to our contact page and reach out.