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​​Natural gas service in Brockton

EPCOR is proposing to bring natural gas service to a number of unserviced areas in the Municipality of Brockton, the Municipality of West Grey and in the Township of Chatsworth and expand natural gas service in the Township of Arran-Elderslie and the Municipality of Kincardine (the “Project”). ​

The Project is proposed to connect customers by installing approximately 107 km of natural gas distribution pipeline through a two-staged approach. Stage 1 will consist of approximately 34 km of 4-inch diameter pipe and approximately 46 km of 2-inch diameter pipe. The system proposes to interconnect at three​ existing stations along EPCOR’s Southern Bruce main line: one at Chesley and two near Paisley.​ Stage 2 of the Project would be developed if the Province authorizes a third phase of the Natural Gas Expansion Program, at which time EPCOR would submit a proposal to construct the remaining elements of the original Project.​

Brockton natural gas community expansion project map​

​Download a detailed version​​ of the project's proposed route.​​​​​


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​Construction timelines 

Construction is​ currently anticipated to begin in 2024. 

EPCOR will update residents through mailed construction notices and social media as we near the start of construction. 
In the meantime, you can learn more about what to expect when construction begins​.​

​Brockton expansion project update​

EPCOR Natural Gas Limited Partnership has applied to the Ontario Energy Board for an order granting leave to construct natural gas pipelines and ancillary facilities in the Municipality of Kincardine, the Township of Arran-Elderslie, the Municipality of Brockton and the Municipality of West Grey.

​Brockton C​om​munity ​Expansion Environmental Assessment

As part of the planning process, EPCOR has reta​ined Stantec Consulting Ltd. (“Stantec”) to undertake an Environmental Study of the Project. The Environmental Study will fulfill the requirements of the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) “Environmental Guidelines for the Location, Construction and Operation of Hydrocarbon Pipelines and Facilities in Ontario, 7th Edition (2016)​”

The Environmental Report (ER) including appendices summarizing the results of the Environmental Study are available for download through the links provided below.

Environmental Assessment


Cost of natural gas service

There are important factors to note when learning about the cost of natural gas service:

  • There will be no cost to connect to the natural gas distribution system, once it’s been constructed, provided that the natural gas meter that EPCOR installs is 30 metres or less from your property line. Customers who require more line to connect will be provided with an estimate for the additional line cost which, if approved, will be charged on their first bill.
  • As part of our Southern Bruce Conditions of Service, customers must start using gas within 12 months of the gas meter being installed at your property, which connects you to the distribution system, to avoid paying an inactive account fee.
  • There are costs to convert the appliances and piping in your property, which will vary depending on the requirements. We recommend speaking with one of our preferred HVAC contractors​ to get quotes specific to your home.
  • Natural gas rates are regulated and set by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). It is expected that EPCOR’s current Southern Bruce rates​ will apply to new communities. Any rate adjustments specific to this project, if required, would be approved by the OEB as the project progresses.​​​​

Calculate your savings

We encourage residents in Municipalities of Kincardine, Arran-Elderslie, Brockton and West Grey to use our savings calculator to learn about potential savings for your ​home.

Try our savings calculator​​​

Project background

In June 2021, the Ontario Government announced additional funding for its Natural Gas Expansion Program. As part of Phase 2 of the Program, EPCOR has received funding to expand our Southern Bruce natural gas distribution system to more communities in the Municipalities of Kincardine and Arran-Elderslie, as well as to the Municipalities of Brockton and West Grey.

Learn more about the project.​​​​

Open house for Brockton community expansion project

​Consultation with Indigenous communities, and engagement with landowners, government agencies, the general public, and other interested persons is an integral component of the planning process. Two open house sessions were available for input used to develop site specific environmental protection or mitigation measures for the Project.

These open houses were held in-person on June 27, 2022 at the Cargill Community Center followed by a virtual open house from June 21 - July 5, 2022.

Open house documentation: