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​​Natural gas service in Brockton

Since 2019, EPCOR has been working to expand natural gas service to unserved communities in Ontario, supporting the Province’s efforts to expand clean, affordable energy options for families and businesses.

In June 2023, we submitted a Leave to Construct application to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) requesting approval to bring supplemental natural gas service to Brockton, West Grey and Chatsworth and to expand natural gas service in the Arran-Elderslie and Kincardine communities. The application proposed constructing the system and connecting customers in 2024.

Leave to Construct application update

The OEB carefully reviews and considers every application in a public process. Unexpected procedural delays have slowed the process. As a result, pipeline and building materials cannot be ordered in time to complete the proposed project within the 2024 construction window.

Every project EPCOR delivers begins with detailed planning that responds to each community's unique needs. New information indicates that the revised natural gas usage projections for these communities is higher than those used to design the original project. While this indicates an even greater desire and need for natural gas service, it also means that the project must be redesigned to safely and reliably meet community needs.​​

Next steps

Safe, reliable and affordable service is EPCOR’s commitment. The application has been withdrawn to allow for review of the new information. This process will occur in 2024 – check this page and watch your mail for project updates.​