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​Construc​tion timing and process



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​Identifying underground utilities

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Identifying underground systems on
your property

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Const​ructing the d​​istribution system

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Sewer l​ine inspection at your property

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Connecting pro​perties to the
distribution system

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Frequently Asked Questions

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​ Identifying ​underground utilities

To build the distribution network safely and maintain reliability of other utilities, in accordance with the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act, we will first need to identify the utilities that are located along the public utility corridor.

In the community, many properties have landscaping or driveways that extend on top of the public utility corridor. Your property may be one of them.

As a result, our crews will be on your street and at the end of your property:

  • Spray painting or placing flags on the location of buried utilities that needs to be exposed. Please do not remove or relocate the flags or paint.
  • Excavating the area to confirm the presence of existing drainage, telecommunications and/or hydro utilities. This may result in driveways and sidewalks being cut or landscaping disrupted to expose the utilities.
  • Temporarily restoring the area as we may need to repeat the process later in the construction season. Full restoration will take place when customers have been connected and the work is complete.​

​​​ Identif​ying un​derground systems on your property

Homeowners are responsible for identifying their underground systems. Please call​ to let us know if any of these are present and clearly mark these on your property with an object (e.g. flag, stake, rope, etc.) so we can take care while doing our work: ​

  • propane or oil tanks
  • irrigation systems
  • septic systems and/or wet wells
  • sprinklers
  • drainage tiles
  • invisible dog fences

Const​​ructing the distribution system

To bring natural gas to your community, we will be constructing the distribution system and connecting it to the system that is now operational in Kincardine. To do this, we will complete the following:

  • Installing plastic distribution mainlines and service lines.
  • Pressure testing the system, as part of quality control measures, before adding in natural gas.
  • Connecting pressure regulating stations and valves that help control the flow and pressure along the system.
  • Commissioning and purging to safely add natural gas into the system before connecting to our customers.​

Sew​er line i​nspe​ction at your property

EPCOR’s construction partner, AECON, or their subcontractor, Badger, may need access inside your property. 

As we build the distribution system, we need to ensure the natural gas lines we install don’t interconnect with active sewer lines to prevent a cross bore from occuring​

In some cases, our crews may need to enter your property to scope the sewer line to confirm its pathway. A 90 degree bend in the line or a blockage that needs to be cleared are possible reasons why the crew cannot locate the line and will require access to your property. 

Even if you are not a natural gas customer, this inspection could be necessary.

As part of the inspection, a locating device and camera are inserted into a sewer entry point, which is most likely in your basement, to track and record the location of the sewer line. 

Crews will show identification and wear PPE when entering your property. ​​

Conn​​​ecting properties to the distribution s​ystem

Once we have constructed the natural gas distribution system, we will be back on your street to connect customers who have signed up for service with EPCOR.

During this time, you may see the following:

  • Utility companies may once again spray paint or place flags on your property to identify any underground services.
  • Installation of service lines that connect the gas meter at the property to the distribution system.
  • Installation of gas meters that enable customers to receive service at their property.​

​​ Rest​oration

At the end of the construction season, we will restore areas that were disturbed as part of our construction.

The sections on both the public and private side that are disturbed will be restored as follows:

  Boulevards or driveways: with equivalent materials and matched to the existing grade, as much as possible.

  Irrigation systems, underground sprinklers or invisible dog fences: with equivalent parts, as close to the original as possible. 

  Lawn: with grass seed or topsoil.

Restoration will take place until the construction season ends this year. If conditions become unsuitable sooner than expected, we will return the following spring. In addition, we can return one year from restoration to determine if any further restoration is required.

Affected streets, alleys and sidewalks will be fully restored once construction is complete.​


Can I remove the flags to care for my lawn?
​The flags must stay in place until we have completed the work. Please do not remove them to care for your lawn but instead temporarily maintain around the flags.
Who locates my underground sprinklers, irrigation system or invisible dog fence?
​Homeowners are responsible for identifying their underground sprinklers, irrigation systems or invisible dog fences as they cannot be identified through utility locators.
What if my underground sprinklers, irrigation system or invisible dog fence is damaged?
​Please be sure to test your system as soon as we have finished the work on your property. If it has been damaged, please call EPCOR so that we can repair those areas with equivalent parts.
Will my driveway be restored exactly how it was prior?

The portions of the driveway that were disturbed as part of our construction will be replaced with equivalent materials and matched to the existing grade, as much as possible.

We will first temporarily restore the disturbed section as we may need to excavate the area again during the construction period. At the end of the construction season, we will fully restore the affected section of driveway.

When will my yard be restored?
​At the end of the construction season, we will restore the disturbed sections of a residence's yard with grass seed or topsoil and will provide instructions on the care of this seed or topsoil, as required.
When will restoration of property lines and assets occur?
​Restoration of property lines and assets will take place at the end of the construction season. We will temporarily restore after excavation but return at the end of the season for permanent restoration.