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When you turn on the tap, you expect clean, safe water to flow for everything you need. It's our job to make that happen. We put your drinking water through an intensive treatment process, send it through pipes to your home and treat the "wastewater" you flush down the toilet and send down the drain. We also handle stormwater and sanitary drainage, as a part of the integrated drainage system.


How rates are set

Our rates reflect the cost to provide water service to you based on your use of the water system. We work carefully to ensure new rates are fair and affordable while still addressing some operational requirements and supporting investment that will allow us to continue to provide clean, safe water and reliable service. We consult with Edmontonians to get their feedback on acceptable rates and investment priorities.

The PBR ties our rates to performance. As part of our rate application, we're expected to meet high performance standards in:

  • Customer service
  • System reliability
  • Water quality
  • Environment 
  • Safety

​New rates

New rates for water and wastewater service became effective April 1, 2021.

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​Investing in water

Investing in infrastructure ensures we can continue providing clean, safe water.

Investing in the value of water


​Our performance

We meet high performance standards and report regularly on how we’re doing.

How we're performing


New Rates on April 1, 2021


Other service fees and special rates

As of April 1, 2021, some of our fees for services like truckfill service charges increased to more accurately reflect the cost of providing these services. 

Multi-residential and commercial customers

Rates also decreased slightly for multi-residential and commercial customers as of April 1, 2021. The total bill impact for these customers will vary based on their water consumption. 

Investing in the value of water


Supporting infrastructure over the next 5 years

The new 2017-2021 rates will help support infrastructure investments over the next 5 years. Today, our infrastructure allows us to provide clean, safe water and reliable service. To ensure we can keep delivering for years to come, here are some of the initiatives we're investing in.


We're investing in initiatives to improve water quality, treatment and distribution like enhanced river monitoring and water main renewal.


We're investing in upgrades to our Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant to maintain safety standards and water quality going back to the river.

Our performance


How we're performing

We're expected to meet high performance standards and report regularly on how we're performing. For example:

  • Our recent Performance Based Rates (PBR) application to the City of Edmonton was more than 2,000 pages long and included detailed business cases for all capital projects over $5 million.
  • We prepare PBR progress reports annually to report on our actual operating and financial performance.

PBR progress reports