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​Consolidation has been debated for decades and inconsistently applied. For example, some water districts today like Sun City, Agua Fria and Mohave are consolidated but not physically interconnected. The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) recognizes a clear path forward needs to be set.

We were required to file this case, according to a September 2015 decision from the Arizona Corporation Commission. We filed the case August 18, 2017, giving the ACC the information it needs to make a decision on the policy of water consolidation, based on fresh financial data from 2016:

  • Keep the 11 districts the way they are today (status quo)
  • Or, bring them all together as one district (consolidation)

You can download a summary of the application here.

Why consolidation is the right solution

Consolidation benefits all of our customers through efficiencies, cost savings and consistency and it's the best long-term solution for everyone. Under consolidation, all customers pay the same rate for the same service, regardless of where they live.

It's fair and responsible – infrastructure costs can be spread over a larger base of customers, helping keep customer's bills lower over the long term.

It's more efficient and consistent – your water service is the same, no matter where you live. One group of customers, instead of many smaller ones, leads to better efficiencies from an operations, customer care and communications standpoint.

It's more predictable – all customers benefit from having the same rates, no matter where they live.

It's what customers expect – consolidation is already the norm and it's what customers experience from their municipal, electric, gas and telecommunications service providers. Many of our districts are already consolidated:

    • Sun City is in the same district, but not connected to, Tierra del Rio (City of Peoria)
    • Mohave is comprised of 5 separate water systems
    • Willow Valley has 2 separate water systems
    • Northeast Agua Fria is consolidated with, but not connected to, the rest of the district
    • Agua Fria and Sun City West are interconnected, but not consolidated
    • North Mohave is interconnected with 2 systems in Mohave

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The application

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