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We're launching a Lead Service Line Replacement Program to accelerate the removal of lead service lines in Edmonton.

As part of our enhanced Lead Mitigation Program, we have identified homes based on our sampling data that are priority lead service line replacements in Edmonton. The Lead Service Line Replacement Program was approved by City Council and City Administration in March 2019 and will remove priority lead lines throughout the city free of charge. The lead service line program along with the addition of orthophosphate will help us to proactively meet the new Health Canada Guideline and ensure compliance testing at the customer's tap.

If your property has been identified as a priority replacement in upcoming construction season we need to confirm your participation in the program.

Please read and sign this letter outlining the terms and conditions of a lead service line replacement to secure your place in the program.

Download the letter

Customer process

Confirmation of lead pipe

  • We'll hydrovac your waterline to confirm the presence of lead.
  • We don't require home entry to perform this task.

 Timeline: 2 hours

Legal document

  • We'll provide you with a legal document setting out the terms and conditions for our lead service line replacement agreement.
  • The homeowner must review and sign before we replace the lead service line.

Virtual home visit

  • We'll walk you through the enhanced Lead Service Line Replacement program and answer any questions you may have.
  • We'll discuss access requirements and do a visual inspection of the water meter.
  • The homeowner must follow a checklist and provide photos or video of key locations, both within and outside of the home.

Precondition assessment

  • We'll need to assess the current condition of your home and property before we begin any construction activities.
  • We'll provide an assessment of your property to make sure we're returning the condition of your home exactly to the way we found it.

Timeline: 1 to 3 hours 

Water line replacement construction

  • We'll use a horizontal directional drill that will tunnel from the street underneath your property and up into your basement. This method of drilling results in minimal disruption to your home. 
  • If construction lasts longer than one day, we'll provide a temporary hose and hook your home up to water so your service isn't disrupted. 
  • Post construction, we'll do a walk-through to make sure there are no issues or damage.

Timeline: 1 to 3 days

High velocity flush

  • To be performed within one day of lead service line replacement.
  • Will help remove any lead remaining in the home plumbing after the replacement.
  • We'll provide instructions and support on how to perform a high velocity flush in our after construction care package.

Timeline: 1 to 3 hours 

Surface / interior restoration

  • Will be scheduled after the lead service line is replaced.
  • Restoration of basement and yard to original condition.

Timeline: 1 day

Water sample

  • Performed within 3 months of lead service line replacement.
  • Home entry is required for this test.

Final walk through

  • 1 year post lead service line replacement.
  • An appointment is required to check on warranty.

​About lead service lines

Lead is a naturally occurring metal. In the past it was used in many different ways, but we now know it can be a health concern. Since 1960, Health Canada has put forward many studies and reports showing the health effects of lead and has set a minimum acceptable concentration of lead in the home. We agree with Health Canada's report and are working to remove lead service lines in Edmonton. Today, the preferred materials for water lines are copper and polyethylene pipes. A service line provides your home with water and connects your home to the City's distribution system. 

​Understand your water service line

The pipe that connects your property's plumbing to the water main in the street is called a service line. The EPCOR portion of the service line runs from the water main under the street or alley to the property line, and the homeowner portion of the service line runs from the property line to the water meter in your home.