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Updated April 2017

​Main switch or breaker minimum interrupting capacity – Downtown secondary network services

This service is only provided to selected customers within the network area. EDTI's Downtown Secondary Network ranges from 97 to 110 Street and from 97 to 104A Avenue. Contact EDTI's Customer Engineering Services for confirmation of whether your service falls within this area.

​120/208 V ​ ​347/600 V ​
​Size of fuses or breakers (amps) ​Interrupting capacity (amps) ​Size of fuses or breakers (amps) ​Interrupting capacity (amps)
​Up top 2,500 A ​100,000 A ​Up to 1,000 A ​100,000 A
​2,501 - 3,000 A ​150,000 A ​1,001 - 1,600 A ​100,000 A
  • All the current ratings specified in this table are root-mean-square (RMS) symmetrical values.