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Updated April 2017

Residential and multi-family underground services – Acceptable conductors

​Underground 1-Phase Secondary (Type USEB Cable)

​Service size (AMPS) ​Number/Type of Cables
​100 A ​1 – 2/C #1/0 AL XLPE 600 V (typical 100 A residential service cable since 2011)
​150 A ​1 – 2/C #2/0 AL XLPE 600 V
​200 A ​1 – 2/C #4/0 AL XLPE 600 V
​300 A ​2 – 2/C #2/0 AL XLPE 600 V (parallel)
​400 A ​2 – 2/C #4/0 AL XLPE 600 V (parallel)

​Maximum six cables per phase

Cables on all residential and multi-family developments must be concentric-neutral direct-buried type (USEB). The most recent specifications for secondary cables are available on request. Check with EDTI Customer Engineering Services for the cable that must be installed for each site.

In underground residential distribution areas, the standard service size is 100 A. The area developer may have installed larger cable (.e.g., 2/C #2/0 or 2/C #4/0 XLPE AL 600 V) to compensate for voltage drop. Cable size does not necessarily indicate the size of service that is available. Contact EDTI's Customer Engineering Services for confirmation on all services larger than 100 A.

  • 2/C #2 XLPE USEB 600 V cable was the standard 100 A service cable in EDTI's system until 2011. This cable is only allowed for use in those locations where it was installed at the time of area development.
  • For services in which more than 30 m of cable is required on private property (from property line to the meter socket), contact EDTI's Customer Engineering Services to confirm voltage drop requirements.