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See the energization status of your project – anywhere, anytime

We want to help you to keep track of your projects, so we've developed an online tool where builders and developers (including their consultants, contractors, and partners) can quickly and conveniently review the status of your commercial and land development projects.

Key benefits

  • See your scheduled energization date
  • Get instant notifications when key milestones are reached
  • Quickly identify items requiring immediate attention
  • See what's causing delays; we'll notify you if there's anything that may affect your energization timelines
  • View important information posted by your EPCOR Project Manager
  • View the history of your past energization projects
  • Access the tool from your mobile device

How to see your project online

  1. Click on the My Account button to log in or create a profile
  2. Your EPCOR Project Manager will email you to invite you to see your project online
  3. Accept the email invitation and see your project in the Projects tab
  4. Log in anytime to see all of the projects you've been invited to in the Projects tab  

View your project status online

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For more information about seeing your projects online, contact your EPCOR Project Manager or email us at​​