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​Looking to connect a new or upgraded electrical service to the electricity grid? Here's what you need to know to get started.

1. Complete the online application form

This will help us estimate the costs involved in connecting your new or upgraded service to the electrical grid. You will need to provide the following with your application:

2. Quote and preliminary design

(up to 4 weeks)

During this stage we will:

  • Appoint an EPCOR representative to be your main contact.
  • Provide you with your project's tracking number.
    Note: If you haven't already submitted them, we may request detailed electrical, mechanical, architectural and landscaping plans.
  • Your EPCOR representative may ask to meet you on site to review your plans.
  • Inform you of the Service Entry Point for your project (the point where EPCOR's infrastructure meets your property line).
  • Provide approval or recommend changes to your electrical site plan.
  • Prepare and send you a preliminary design and cost estimate for your review.
  • If you're applying for a primary metered service, your EPCOR representative will inform you of the process and timelines.

3. Approve the quote

During this stage, you will:

  • Send us your signed acceptance and payment (if required) so we can start the detailed design.
  • Apply to the City of Edmonton for an electrical service permit.

4. Detailed design

(typically up to 4 weeks, not including external approvals)

During this stage, you will:

  • Provide us an electronic copy of your City of Edmonton electrical permit. Once we have this information, the Site ID for your project will be created and you can apply for a power service with your chosen electricity retailer.
  • Be responsible for all civil work on private property, including obtaining any required permits, approvals and utility locates.
  • Keep us informed of any changes to your desired energization date.

During this stage, we will:

  • Finalize design details, order materials and seek the necessary external approvals for work on City of Edmonton property (Utility Line Assignments, etc.).
  • If your project requires more detailed design or approvals, we will keep you informed of delays to your project's desired energization date (i.e. delivery of materials, external approvals, etc.).

5. Schedule construction

During this stage, you will:   

  • Provide us an electronic copy of your passed final City of Edmonton electrical service inspection report.
  • Ensure your site is ready for energization (see site inspection form for more information).
  • Keep us informed of any changes to your desired energization date.
  • Contact your chosen energy retailer to apply for power service.

During this stage, we will:

  • Perform a site ready check to confirm completion of work and assess the site to make sure our crews are able to access the necessary electrical equipment.
  • After your site is deemed ready, your project will be scheduled for completion and we will strive to energize your site within 6 weeks.
  • Assess impacts to other customers in the area and arrange for any outages, if necessary.

6. Site is energized

(typically takes 3-5 days)

  • Your retailer of choice notifies EPCOR to install your electricity meter.
  • We install the meter and start delivering power to your site.