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​If you're planning to generate your own electricity, start by reviewing the generation regulations on the AUC website

Once you understand the regulatory requirements, here's what you do next:

  1. Complete the micro-generation application form and email it to
    • Please include:
      • Single-line diagram of the on-site electrical system.
      • Building permit for site construction.
      • Site plan displaying physical locations of both the meter socket and the generation unit dimensions.
  2. We'll review your application to ensure it complies with our standards and the AUC Application Guidelines. We'll also submit the application to the AUC on your behalf.
  3. Upon AUC approval, we'll create an interconnection agreement that allows you to add energy back onto the electricity grid, including costs associated with this connection.
  4. Once you've reviewed the interconnection agreement, sign and return it to your EPCOR Representative.
  5. Apply for all applicable permits from the City of Edmonton. This includes both the building permit and the electrical inspections permit.
    • You're responsible for all civil work on your property, including obtaining any required permits, approvals and underground utility locates.
      For information on all of the permits necessary for your project, please contact the City of Edmonton's Sustainable Development Department at 311 or (780) 442-5311.
    • You'll need to provide proof that your electrical permit inspection has passed. This includes forwarding a copy of your passed electrical inspection report to your EPCOR representative.
  6. We'll make sure the meter at your location is equipped to receive power back to the electricity grid. If there is already an advanced meter at your site, it's already able to measure the flow of electricity onto the grid.
    • If you don't have an advanced meter installed at your location, we'll need to exchange the meter for one that's able to measure the flow of electricity onto the grid.

How to get credit for excess energy

Once you're a commissioned micro-generation site, notify your energy retailer in order to receive credit on your electricity bill. In order to receive these credits, make sure your site generates more electricity than it's using. At that point, you'll start to see the financial benefits of micro-generation.

Note: It's important that large micro-generation (LMG) customers apply to the AUC for a Business Associate Identifier (BA Code) and pass the associated information to your retailer. This is the only way for you to receive credit on your electricity bill for the energy that you generate in excess of your consumption.