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From 2020 onward, natural gas will become available in large parts of Bruce county.   
What does that mean for your business? What are the possibilities? Who will be able to connect?

  Natural gas is cost-effective

Natural gas is one of the most affordable energy sources for heating. This includes space heating as water heating, cooking and many more things. Whatever business you have, the savings gained from switching to natural gas can be significant, especially when you're dealing with cold winters and Ontario's high energy costs.

  Natural gas is convenient

Unlike other solutions, natural gas is on-demand. That means you don't need to stock up on large quantities to get through the cold winter or have to wait until your supplier has more stock available. Natural gas is just always there.

  Natural gas is versatile

Natural gas can be used for many applications and getting connected automatically means you can now also use other appliances. From high-end cooking appliances to a cozy fireplace, and even a barbeque, having natural gas connect to your business certainly has its perks.



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