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EPCOR Technologies effectively integrates leading edge technologies into traditional infrastructure systems, while acting as a trusted maintainer for existing systems.

Light Rail Signals

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Traffic Signals

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Intelligent Transportation Systems

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​Light Rail Signals

EPCOR Technologies understands that the functionality and safety of your LRT system hinges on the performance of any one of the signal system's vital parts. We have a long history installing, inspecting, testing and maintaining the following components so that they remain in top working condition:

  • Roadway crossings
  • Traffic/rail logic interface
  • Track switch machines
  • Track circuits
  • Wheel detectors
  • Track magnets
  • Relays (vital / non-vital)
  • Batteries / UPS / standby power
  • Communication based train control componentry


  • Engineering and design review
  • Product procurement and materials management
  • Equipment assembly, wiring and testing
  • LRT and traffic signal system interfacing
  • Component installation and overhaul
  • Preventive and reactive maintenance
  • Training programs

​Traffic Signals

We understand the importance of your traffic signal system in keeping your city moving. With our years of experience and vast knowledge of new technologies, we're able to deliver cost-effective and quality workmanship in:

  • Full intersection signalization
  • Pedestrian and rail crossing signalization
  • Lane control systems
  • Pre-emption and signal priority
  • Vehicle detection and classification systems such as video, microwave, piezo, inductive loops
  • Red-light camera systems


We take pride in having experienced staff and tested processes for the safe and quality delivery of the following signal system services:

  • Site plans, electrical design & signal timings
  • Product specification and procurement
  • Cabinet customization, assembly, wiring & testing
  • Installation services
  • Preventive and reactive maintenance

​Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems integrate advanced communication and computer technologies into the transportation system to form an intelligent link between travelers, vehicles and infrastructure. When implemented, ITS technologies have the potential to save time and money, but more importantly, lives.


  • Road weather information systems
  • Dynamic messaging systems
  • CCTV camera networks
  • Adaptive traffic management systems
  • Automatic vehicle identification & location systems

With our expertise and resources, we can assist you through all of the following stages of an ITS deployment:

  • Conceptual, preliminary and detailed design
  • Software and hardware procurement and integration
  • Project management and construction services
  • Preventative and reactive maintenance and management

EPCOR is a founding industry partner for the University of Alberta's Center for Smart Transportation ACTIVE-AURORA project. Through our participation we continue to develop expertise in the implementation of connected vehicle technologies and intelligent systems.