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The City of Edmonton


EPCOR Technologies continues to deliver a comprehensive program for streetlight maintenance and upgrading, while offering a streamlined solution for the implementation of energy efficient LED technology.


With over 100,000 streetlights inside its municipal boundaries, the City of Edmonton requires active management of its assets to ensure the system continues to offer safe, effective lighting distribution along all its roadways. Vehicle collisions and inclement weather often cause damage, for which emergency response is required to get the system back to peak performance.  

At the same time, the City was eager to identify and implement an energy efficient, low maintenance solution for its roadway lighting. However with significant technological change occurring in the lighting market place, the City wanted to be sure that the solutions they chose to implement would deliver the required functionality, reliability and return on investment. 


EPCOR Technologies performs streetlight engineering, emergency response and upgrading services for the City through a performance-based contract. A team of specialists spanning engineering, procurement and field services work in concert to maintain and enhance the City's streetlights in a manner they can be proud of.

In 2010, EPCOR Technologies was also engaged to perform an evaluation of six different LED street light luminaires. EPCOR Technologies installed pilot samples of each throughout the City of Edmonton and conducted a one year evaluation and detailed study of lighting performance, energy consumption, non-electrical benefits, cost and implementation considerations such as warranty coverage and ease of install for trades.

Based on the study findings, EPCOR Technologies worked with the City of Edmonton to develop specifications allowing the City to move ahead with a pre-qualification of two luminaires. EPCOR Technologies was then engaged to design, procure and install new LED streetlight luminaires in select communities as part of Edmonton's neighborhood renewal efforts.

The installation of LED luminaires was only one part of an integrated refurbishment program where EPCOR Technologies also replaced the existing streetlight pole, base and wiring infrastructure. Our engineering team performed the street lighting design to ensure conversions would meet TAC standards and worked closely with our procurement team and field crews to manage the installations. EPCOR Technologies' crews remained flexible in their scheduling and delivery, working amongst other contractors with their own priorities to complete the full neighborhood retrofits. As of April 2013, EPCOR Technologies has successfully installed over 13,000 LED street lights for the City of Edmonton.

As part of our maintenance service contract with the City of Edmonton we continue to monitor the LED deployments, affording us a firsthand assessment of the ongoing performance of installed luminaires and manufacturer's warranty provisions. The data and results from the program have been the impetus for the full replacement of all luminaires within the City of Edmonton in the years ahead.