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EPCOR Utilities


With one call, EPCOR Technologies ensures that their customer has all their hydro-excavation needs met in a safe and consistent manner. 


Beneath the ground in the Edmonton area lays a complex labyrinth of pipes containing electricity, water, natural gas and telecommunications. As the local utility, EPCOR Utilities is routinely required to safely excavate around these assets without causing damage. Despite their extensive hydro-excavation requirements, the various business units of EPCOR Utilities had historically relied on an unpredictable network of contractors to deliver this service.
Inconsistency existed in the pricing, quality, safety of workmanship and the approach to disposal of slurry upon completion of excavation activities. Foremen spent significant time calling around to try to locate a hydro-vac with no guarantee that one could be secured to meet their needs.


Today, EPCOR Technologies operates a fleet of hydro-vac trucks ready to perform day-lighting services with skilled operators experienced in working safely around sensitive utility and pipeline infrastructure.
EPCOR Technologies also developed a 24/7 on-call service where any of the business units across EPCOR Utilities requiring hydro-excavation services were given one phone number to call. In instances where our trucks are fully utilized, we will arrange for one of our pre-qualified subcontractors to perform the job under consistent pricing and established safety, quality and environmentally responsible work practices.

  • Our commitment is to provide a:
  • Maximum 2 hour emergency response 
  • Consistent price for service and waste disposal
  • ISO 14001 compliant waste disposal at our Edmonton Pylypow De-watering Site
  • Coordination of contaminated goods disposal

Acting as a one-stop-shop, Technologies' now removes the headache of securing a hydrovac truck, and overseeing everything from purchase orders to environmentally responsible waste disposal with one phone call.