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Grant MacEwan University


When looking to perform lighting retrofits at a variety of facilities, Grant MacEwan University relied on the knowledge and management of EPCOR Technologies to help them achieve their goals.


With a variety of educational activities occurring day and night in multiple facilities throughout Edmonton, Grant MacEwan University was incurring significant costs on their electricity bill due to lighting. The University was interested in reducing operating costs and optimizing operational efficiencies through a lighting retrofit at three of their campus locations, where over 1500 relatively inefficient Fluorescent, Incandescent and Metal Halide bulbs existed across interior, exterior and parkade spaces.

With so many different fixture types to address across their facilities, the University required a specialist with strong awareness of lighting technology to review and design the optimal solution. The scale of the lighting retrofit would also exceed the availability of the University's own maintenance personnel, therefore a qualified contractor would also be required to perform the upgrade.


Grant MacEwan selected EPCOR Technologies on successive engagements to perform the project development, design, procurement and project management for the lighting upgrades at Grant MacEwan University's Centre for the Arts, Alberta College and City Centre Campus.  The EPCOR team assessed numerous product options, developing designs that specified highly efficient T8, T5, T5HO, LED or RT5 fixtures and determining payback periods of approximately 5.5 years . Our procurement team then worked with suppliers to ensure that the University received the best value for their money.

The continual flow of people in and out of the University's facilities called for effective management of the contractors used to perform the retrofit. EPCOR Technologies helped the University qualify experienced firms for this activity, while applying quality assurance and control processes to ensure the work was performed and completed to the expectations of the University.