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About EPCOR Technologies

EPCOR Technologies is an integrated engineering, construction and maintenance firm with a rich history delivering complex infrastructure projects for clients such as:

  • Municipal and provincial governments
  • Utilities
  • Private companies including developers, general contractors and industrial organizations

How we deliver value

In a time of population growth, aging assets and capital constraints, we understand the challenges you face, so we look to make it simple for you to manage your electrical and communication infrastructure. EPCOR Technologies is a one-stop-shop that can design, build and maintain a solution that meets your needs. Because we can streamline the entire process and find efficiencies along the way, we can save you time, money, and headaches.

Integrated service offerings

Our in-house engineering, procurement and field services teams work hand-in-hand to design and deliver innovative solutions. Turnkey or multi-service projects allow us to find time and cost savings at various stages of a project, minimize our customer's risk and execute more efficiently.

Technological integration

New technologies are revolutionizing infrastructure delivery and we strive to be the best at supporting customers in capitalizing on these benefits across all of our services.

Safe, dependable, quality workmanship

We strive to ensure every project we undertake is aligned with leading standards for safety, quality and environmental responsibility. Our ISO 14001 environmental certification and rigorous safety and quality programs offer consistency and dependability.