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​About 60% of the construction for the overall project has been completed, including the Ermineskin Park dry pond and the sewer upgrades in both Ermineskin and Steinhauer. The Steinhauer dry pond construction is currently underway.

Project overview 

To reduce the risk of flooding during high-intensity, low-frequency rainfall events, we are constructing 2 dry ponds, as well as performing various sewer upgrades located in several areas of both neighborhoods.

Steinhauer Park dry pond timeline

The excavation of the Steinhauer dry pond started the week of May 25, 2021. The construction schedule is as follows:

  1. Site set-up: week of May 17, 2021
  2. Excavation: May to August 2021
  3. Drainage infrastructure installation: June to September 2021
  4. Landscaping and recreation amenities: August to October 2021

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Sewer upgrade timeline

The various sewer upgrades throughout Steinhauer and Ermineskin, including associated concrete work and paving restoration, have been completed. Any minor seasonal hard-surface or landscaping deficiencies will be addressed in May-June 2021.

Steinhauer Park dry pond connection sewer upgrades timeline

In order to connect the Steinhauer Park dry pond to the drainage system, there will be three locations that will require sewer upgrades. The locations and estimated timelines are:

Location A

32A Avenue from 108 Street to 107A Street - end of June to end of August

Location B

On 106 Street, north of 31 Avenue - early July to end of August

Location C

On 31 Avenue east of 107 Street - early July to end of August

Please note: Timelines are estimates and may change based on weather and construction conditions.

Find out how this work will impact you.