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​We'll be constructing two dry ponds, as well as performing sewer upgrades. We anticipate this work to start July 2020 and be complete by the end of October 2020. Have a closer look at a more detailed project timeline.

Project overview 

To reduce the risk of flooding during high-intensity, low-frequency rainfall events, we'll be constructing 2 dry ponds, as well as performing various sewer upgrades located in several areas of both neighborhoods.

Dry pond timeline

We expect to start construction of the Ermineskin Park dry pond during the week of July 13, 2020.  The construction schedule is as follows:

  1. Site set-up: week of July 13, 2020
  2. Excavation: July to October 2020
  3. Drainage infrastructure installation: July to October 2020
  4. Landscaping and recreation amenities: August to October 2020

Please note: Timelines are estimates and may change based on weather and construction conditions.

The construction of the Ermineskin Park dry pond includes re-orientation of two U9 soccer fields (Fields #5 and #6), which is expected to begin at the end of July. We have already been in touch with the City of Edmonton Fields Booking department and are working around existing bookings, where possible.

The start of construction of the dry pond next to Steinhauer School is dependent on the approval of the land acquisition. This process is still underway with the Edmonton Public School Board. More information on the construction of this dry pond will be provided as soon as we receive approval. 

Please note, the dry pond areas will likely be inaccessible for approximately 16 months during construction, sod placement and growth. This timeframe will be dependent on the weather during construction and the quality of the growing season after sod placement.

There will be trees affected in the dry pond area next to Steinhauer School and in Ermineskin Park. Replacement trees will be planted with the final locations and tree types determined by City of Edmonton Parks.

Sewer upgrade timeline

Construction for the sewer upgrades in Ermineskin will begin the week of July 20 and is expected to be completed in August-September 2020, weather permitting.

The sewer upgrade locations include:

  • Ermineskin: 26 Avenue west of 104 Street
  • Ermineskin: Along 29 Avenue near St. Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital
  • Ermineskin: Intersection of 27 Avenue and 105 Street
  • Ermineskin: 25 Avenue near south entrance to Ermineskin Park
  • Ermineskin: Corner of 29A Avenue and 105A Street
  • Ermineskin: Intersection of 105 Street and 25 Avenue
  • Ermineskin: Corner of 27 Avenue and 104 Street
  • Ermineskin: 29 Avenue just west of 106 Street
  • Ermineskin: Corner of 26 Avenue and 105A Street
  • Steinhauer: 106 Street north of 31 Avenue
  • Steinhauer: 32A Avenue across from 108 Street
  • Steinhauer: 32A Avenue west of 107A Street
  • Steinhauer: 31 Avenue south of Steinhauer School

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