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​About 60% of the construction for the overall project has been completed, including the Ermineskin Park dry pond and the sewer upgrades in both Ermineskin and Steinhauer. The Steinhauer dry pond construction is still pending approval of the land acquisition from the Edmonton Public School Board (ESPB). Both EPCOR and ESPB are working to finalize the details surrounding the agreement.

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Project overview 

To reduce the risk of flooding during high-intensity, low-frequency rainfall events, we'll be constructing 2 dry ponds, as well as performing various sewer upgrades located in several areas of both neighborhoods.

Dry pond timeline

The construction of the dry pond in Ermineskin Park has been completed, including installation of the replacement trees. Fencing will remain around the dry pond/sports fields until approximately fall 2021 (one year upon completion of the landscaping).

Please note, these are still active worksites and are restricted areas. While we understand it is tempting to utilize these spaces, especially given the situation we are in with COVID-19, residents are asked not to remove the fencing or access the fenced area for their own safety and to prevent damage to the landscaping.

Any damage to the landscaping may impact the City of Edmonton's approval and significantly delay the opening of the space. Additional security measures will be put in place should residents enter the fenced worksites.

The start of construction of the dry pond next to Steinhauer School is dependent on the approval of the land acquisition. This process is still underway with the Edmonton Public School Board. More information on the construction of this dry pond will be provided as soon as we receive approval. 

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Sewer upgrade timeline

The various sewer upgrades throughout Steinhauer and Ermineskin have been completed. All of the associated concrete work and paving restoration have been completed and all locations are open to traffic.

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